Breaking News: Reach-iT opens first brick and mortar store in Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Cleaning Show 2019 at the Excel in London UK 2019 - Don't hang around in booking your booth - Contact Vanessa http://cleaningshow.co.uk/london/contact for options. - Spotless Water open two more ultrapure water filling stations in Birmingham and Derby UK
Terry on the telly, tomorrow around 7.30pm

Called my mate Terry today, this is how the conversation went…. Lee:  So, Terry you are on The One Show tomorrow night, wow dude? Terry: Show starts at 7pm, 18 September tomorrow its on BBC1  Lee: Who are you meeting on the show? Terry: Apart from Usain bolt not sure. Lee: Usain Bolt!!! What the hell?! What is it about? Terry: It’s a window cleaning challenge, Lee. Him against me (laughs) (Un –audible noise) Terry: I think…

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The years roll by (An excerpt from the book Running For Home by Christopher Dawber. Amazon Kindle Store) WCM’s very own Wagga

“One morning a few years back, I had just started work when an elderly woman came out of the house next to the one I was cleaning. She was obviously in distress and shouted that her husband had collapsed. She was on the phone and the emergency services were talking to her when I entered her house. I found her husband Francis, aged 78 collapsed on the floor of the kitchen. He’d obviously fallen against the…

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Master Guild of Window Cleaners Announcement

  The Master Guild of Window Cleaners is proud to announce the launch of its newly re-vamped website and enhanced membership benefits package. The Guild is moving forward, and our snazzy website is just the beginning! The new website is the culmination of nearly 4 months planning and preparation – we think it was worth the wait! The new smart-phone and tablet friendly interface is easier than ever to use – and the interactive maps showing…

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