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Pure Freedom reveals new product: Reel Master

With more and more window cleaners demanding electric reels for use with van mounted systems, last week Pure Freedom revealed the new Reel Master. As we write this blog we understand it may not yet be up on the Pure Freedom website, it’s that new on the market! Please contact them on 0333 123 4365 or keep your eye on the website here: http://purefreedom.co.uk/ So what are the features? Reel Master has a slick professional design. All mechanical works are…

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WCM news and updates, straight to your iPhone.

Good news for iPhone/iPad users. Window Cleaning Magazine now has a news channel in the Apple ‘News’ app. This news channel allows the reader to see all our latest posts as we publish them. Users can elect to receive notifications when a post is published. The channel uses Apple’s user-friendly news app to allow readers to receive our content straight to their phone, share a post via text, social media and email, as well was receive…

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