Historic – IWCA and GANA come to agreement.


Breaking News: GANA and IWCA agreement: Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.32.23 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.32.32 PMWCM will have a full write up on this in the next magazine that will explain in full what this all means, what the back ground is to it all and what does it mean to window cleaners?

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) and the International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA) have partnered together to provide an updated edition of the Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products Glass Informational Bulletin (GIB). Architectural glass products play a major role in the comfort of the living and working environment of today’s homes and commercial office spaces by providing natural daylight, views of the surroundings, thermal comfort and design aesthetics. Glass usage and condition often affect our selection of where we live, work, shop, play and seek education. This GIB describes cleaning procedures that generally apply to most architectural glass products.


 “This joint technical Bulletin is the pinnacle of a huge cooperative effort between GANA and IWCA.,” shares Paul West, IWCA Glass Committee Chair. “The end result is real world cleaning guidelines that will assist in maintaining the integrity of architectural glass surfaces.”

Urmilla Sowell, GANA Technical Director, shares her thoughts on the importance of the joint effort between GANA and IWCA.

“GANA’s Tempering Division members were happy to partner with IWCA on this important document. This bulletin helps promote best-practice approaches for entire glazing industry.”

This GIB is provides a valuable resource as glass products can be permanently damaged if infrequently or improperly cleaned. Glass producers and fabricators recommend strict compliance with this GIB’s prescribed procedures for cleaning glass surfaces.

“GANA’s Tempering Division members are pleased to announce the publication of the Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass GIB.  This updated document was a joint effort between GANA-IWCA. The joint group has worked hard to put together a usable document for the entire glazing industry.”

This GIB is a complementary document and can be downloaded instantly by visiting www.glasswebsite.com. Learn more about the Glass Association of North America at www.glasswebsite.com. Or visit www.iwca.org to learn more about the International Window Cleaners Association.