Breaking News: The industry and HSE supports new research into workplace injury. Editor of Window Cleaning Magazine will help lead the study. Breaking News: It is official. The Window Cleaning Village at the Cleaning Show 2019 at the Excel in London supported by Window Cleaning Magazine - Don't hang around in booking your booth at this event as interest has skyrocketed - Contact Vanessa http://cleaningshow.co.uk/london/contact for options.


Alex Gardiner – How it all started.

If you have not heard of Gardiner Pole Systems by now my question to you would be, ‘what rock have you been hiding under?’. Gardiner Pole Systems sells the most water fed poles on the planet, and we actually do mean ‘the planet’ as they continue to grow on the World stage. For a company that does not have a marketing department, budget or…., ‘anyone’ marketing…. the leaps and bounds Gardiner have taken over the years has projected them…

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Squeegee App

Squeegee® is one of the first apps of its kind – a business scheduling app that is actually designed for use on the go. The creators of the app, Nexdynamic, have historically used their years of experience in development and consultation to build solutions for many different types of businesses big and small around the globe. Squeegee was designed and created in order to help streamline smaller businesses who often haven’t been able to access the best technology due…

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Black Diamond holds a record freeze on rubber prices

This week sees the big dude at Black Diamond, Mr Casper Schjorring, announce that they are  holding the price of Black Diamond rubber this year, making it the seventh year running! Unbelievable, right? So Window Cleaning Magazine caught up with Casper to find out how this is possible and ask him where does he see Black Diamond rubber in the marketplace? With Black Diamond experiencing a steady growth, against the background of stable squeegee rubber costs to the customer, business seems better…

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Window Cleaning magazine Issue 23 – OUT NOW

Window Cleaning magazine issue 23 is now available to read for free online as a PDF or in a flip page format – just click this line to read. To buy a printed issue click here: Order printed copy So what is in this issue? Window Cleaning Magazine continues to be the only independent trade mag in the biz. Trusted by many to bring the latest views, opinions and products right to your fingertips. No matter if it is advise…

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How the V11 controller allows you to work smarter

Many look to produce their own pure water either in a garage, office, or home. Very often this will require manually starting and stopping the process with the inevitable trips to ensure the system has not overfilled or worse water has stopped. Manual ball valves are one option but again it will be necessary to check the system during a fill. Worse still is where water pressure is low and suddenly producing a few 100 litres of pure water…

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Top 5 networking tips for the IWCA Convention 2018

First the event details; When is it? 2018 IWCA Annual Convention and trade show – Feb 7-10, 2018. Where is it? Embassy Suites Orlando – Lake Buena Vista South Kissimmee, Florida. What is it? A trade org with a Government level of connection and collaboration for the improvement and safety or the window cleaning industry. Why should I join? Apart from the benefits outlined in their website http://www.iwca.org/ , joining an official trade association that invests back into improving the industry…

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