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Residential window cleaning Vs Facebook ads

By Lee Burbidge Let us assume you want to grow your residential window cleaning business. If you don’t because you have the income you want and you are happy where you are right now then move along, trust me, there is nothing to see here! On the other hand, if you want to grow a BUSINESS, or if you are just starting out then listen up. There is a certain distinction that needs to be qualified…

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POV – Fastest window cleaner despite crushed elbow accident!

Playtime: 2.29 Synopsis: POV Window Cleaning – The IWCA Convention & Trade Show holds speed races every year. ‘Iron Giant’ Ivan Pleinadius is a seasoned 1st place winner of this competition and others around the world. In this POV video, he competes only 6 months after a motorcycle accident that left his elbow completely crushed. He was told by doctors that he would never compete in speed racing again. Watch what happens as POV puts you in…

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US VS UK Window Cleaning – Episode 6 – Squeegee & water fed pole

Playtime: 19.44 Synopsis: Episode 6 – The final episode of this series. We say a goodbye to the US team as they reflect on the US VS UK project. Jamie is obsessed with tow bars meanwhile Carrie struggles to keep up with Jay on squeegee work. Jon demonstrates the use of a Gardiner Pole built to height via loose sections. To shop for Gardiner Pole System go here: http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/ General description of series: The US crew go on…

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US VS UK Window Cleaning – Episode 5 – Commercial work in Sheffield

Playtime: 15.56 Synopsis: Episode 5 –In this episode, we move to Sheffield where we meet up with a window cleaning company that has been cleaning commercial windows in the city for over 70 years. The US team get more time to try out water fed poles mixed up with a little squeegee work. Meanwhile, the UK team are not happy with Corey as he keeps everyone waiting whilst he shops around for underpants. General description of series: The US crew go…

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POV: The Legend Squeegee Channel

Playtime: 5.10 Synopsis: POV Window Cleaning – The Legend Channel in action once again on WCM TV. We have looked at the Legend channel before. To watch those videos follow the links below. As we explained in the video so much footage goes to waste that never ever gets to make the edit in some WCM TV films ( a lot of good go pro stuff too), not because its bad but because we have sooooo much good…

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US VS UK Window Cleaning – Episode 4 – Ladders & squeegee

Playtime: 18.02 Synopsis: Episode 4 –Still in Nottingham, Jamie and the other US window cleaners still cannot believe how UK window cleaners survive on the money they charge. In this episode, they discuss ladder accidents whilst getting friendly with Tom’s customer. General description of series: The US crew go on to meet other window cleaning companies across the UK – Must watch program, in London, Midlands and North of the UK and exchange ideas and views on the on…

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POV: Martyn rocks the brass Ettore

  Playtime: 2.01 Synopsis: POV Window Cleaning – Martyn from Birmingham demonstrates his skills using the original brass Ettore squeegee channel and handle. Martyn is applying his soapy water with an original Golden Glove sleeve also from Ettore. Ettore has been making professional window cleaning tools since 1936. Do you want a tour around the Ettore factory and see how the brass squeegee is made? Click and watch HERE  General description of series: POV stands for ‘point of view’. POV Window Cleaning has…

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US Vs UK Window Cleaning, Episode 3 – Sea creature & scrim

Playtime: 15.29 Synopsis: Episode 3 – In this episode, the US crew drop into their comfort zone as they carry out traditional window cleaning on residential houses in Nottingham using ‘back to basic’ tools. The US team try out there bidding skills on these British homes. They quickly discover that Robin Hood was not the only one ‘robbing’ from the city of Nottingham! General description of series: The US crew go on to meet other window cleaning companies…

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5 ways to increase your revenue

Playtime: 4.18 Synopsis: Alan Karr of Window Kare Cleaning Services, Niagara Falls, Canada tells Window Cleaning Magazine viewers his top 5 ways of increasing revenue to your window cleaning business spending very little money and definitely spending 0%  on marketing. Small changes in the way you look at your business and the tools you choose to work with can create incremental savings that mount up over the years. Other tips for increasing your revenue without any marketing is…

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US Vs UK Window Cleaning, Episode 2 – Monster water fed pole in London

Playtime: 15.04 Synopsis: Carrie, Jamie, Corey, and Josh meet Mark of Race Team Window Cleaning in Central London meters away from the US Embassy. Here, the guy’s exchange their views on what is considered window cleaning quality whilst at the same time trying out a water fed pole at a monster height of 8 stories. None of them have ever used a water fed pole at this height before. They share that experience and tell us what…

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