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Featured Reader: Matt Saxon

Let me introduce you to Matt Saxon. Matt is a window cleaner by day and a Fireman by night. He has always been a window cleaner before he became a Fireman and so it is interesting to see how the two jobs twine together. WCM: Matt, you are a window cleaner and a fireman? How are your two jobs shared through the day? Matt: Yes I am a fireman. I window clean in the day, usually Monday…

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Why water fed pole a Qata skyscraper?

                      Martin Meakins is the owner of Reach and Wash in Perth, Australia. His company was established back in 2004 and although it is a Perth based business, the Company operates throughout Australia and overseas providing multi disciplined project services to a wide range of industries. Martin is also the owner of the awesome picture we used on the cover of a back issue of WCM. He spent…

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What is CMS Berlin and why should we care?

The WCM Stig is Window Cleaning Magazine’s very own secret correspondent who dispatches reports on events and shows from across the planet. Today’s dispatch filed by the WCM Stig is from Europe. WCM Stig reports from the 19th-22nd September CMS Berlin 2017 event. So what is CMS Berlin and why should we care? Well, with over 429 exhibitors from over 24 countries with 29,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space, we would say that the…

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Unger HydroPower RO dissected

The HydroPower family product line from Unger has just grown by one with the new introduction of the HydroPower RO. With the HydroPower DI and its proven field performance together with the achievement of The Cleaning Show 2015 Innovation Award, it was only natural that Unger would turn its attention to RO. Unger R&D have looked into how they could simplify the management of an RO system. The main important element to the HydroPower range has…

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The truth about TDS maps – What’s in a number?
Black and yellow orb weaver spider hanging out in its web by a water spicket.

Most window cleaners that use pure water and water fed pole systems will have a general understanding of how TDS works and what is involved to make that pure water. I personally live in an exceptionally hard water area and it cost me considerably more to make pure water as opposed to people who live in a Soft water areas. Recently, I decided to check out the TDS on properties in my street. I was shocked…

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Thinking of a static system?

Static! No, not the static that makes your hair stand on end, although given some of the prices we researched in the current market, I am sure it would do just that. Maybe raise an eyebrow or two as well. We are talking about ‘static systems’. A static system sits in a shed/out building, garage or premises and generates pure water for window cleaning 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Why buy a static system?…

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Featured Reader: Louis Chavez – Window cleaning for famous people

We love talking to window cleaners that provide their services to the rich and famous. Today’s interview is with Louis Chavez of All Bright Services from Petaluma, California USA. Louis has been cleaning windows for 27 years but steady for the last 17 years. He started a janitorial business in his junior year of high school. Years later he decided to shorten those services to mainly window cleaning. WCM: Commercial or residential? LC: About 90% Residential and…

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NEW – GrippaReel with option features not seen before on an auto reel.

Automatic reels are fast becoming the rage with GrippaTank becoming the latest to release an electric reel. Revealed for the first time today, we asked Oliver Stanton of GrippaTank why they have took this direction? Oliver, “Based on research, an extensive customer wish list and a wealth of experience, the GrippaReel has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the GrippaMax cleaning system. Available as both portable and static versions, the reels are packed…

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High rise is the way to go in Toronto

My name is Nick Blodans and I am the Director of Sky High Window Services Ltd in Toronto, Canada. My background in window cleaning started with a fascination with heights, construction, and rope work. Throughout my childhood I loved heights and anything to do with climbing. I was always climbing rocks and trees, which turned into cliffs, bridges, and the roof of my schools. As a teenager I worked in all areas of construction and gained…

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Ionic Systems – ‘shocking’ new pole upgrade.

  Ionic Systems are famous for putting safety first. One thing you can be sure about with Ionic is that when they claim something is ‘safe’, you can bet your bottom dollar they can back it up. Ionic lead the way in crash tested van mounted systems becoming the first to put their products through crash tests at the Thatcham Testing Centre, UK. So, when Ionic reveal a new pole upgrade called The Protector that is designed to take…

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