Breaking News: The industry and HSE supports new research into workplace injury. Editor of Window Cleaning Magazine will help lead the study. Breaking News: It is official. The Window Cleaning Village at the Cleaning Show 2019 at the Excel in London supported by Window Cleaning Magazine - Don't hang around in booking your booth at this event as interest has skyrocketed - Contact Vanessa http://cleaningshow.co.uk/london/contact for options.

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Rope Access Safety – The Objective of Job Planning.

By Nick Blodans Safety is the number one priority when it comes to working at height. Safety regarding the working individual, the co-workers directly or indirectly involved, and the other lives and exposures that may be present or near the work you are carrying out. No matter what method or type of work it should all begin the same way. Start by planning the job, identifying the hazards, choosing equipment that’s right for the job, and developing a written work plan/rescue…

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The Window Cleaning Village at The Cleaning Show 2019

It is official! The Cleaning Show 2019, ExCel London, will host the brand new Window Cleaning Village supported by Window Cleaning Magazine. This has been long overdue and now is the right time to launch such a prestigious event. The Cleaning Show is the biggest show in the UK attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world and the event is the ideal platform for networking, ideas on growing your business as well as checking out the latest products on…

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Spinaclean picks up 2nd place in the Engie Innovation Awards.

Spinaclean looks like it’s set to mark another year of delivering high quality products after coming 2nd at the Engie Innovation awards out of 670 submissions worldwide, with our market leading SkyVac system. Every year, ENGIE, the largest independent electricity producer in the world, celebrates innovation through 100 or so events in more than 20 countries. The event, which took place this month, is a significant time for ENGIE’s staff members to put forward their propositions to the company, on…

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Spotless Water hit’s the spot nationally.

The window cleaning industry in the UK has very few real entrepreneurs. Largely window cleaners are happy to go about their business and few come up with great ideas with great growth potential. Yesterday a man called Tim Morris, from Poole in Dorset entered my office. He wanted to work with Window Cleaning Magazine on getting out his message, something I am always happy to do. As he sat in front of me and told me his story, I slowly…

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Window Cleaner Fall – Diego Garcia update

                                          As some may know a much liked and admired fellow window cleaner, Diego Garcia, Kansas City, took a serious fall last week. Original post here: http://www.windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk/prayers-required-suffered/ This is the latest update from the family on Diego’s progress: Released by Peter Artusa ( spokesperson) As we all, already know, Diego Garcia had a very serious work-related fall on Wednesday, July…

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You refuse an employee time off and they call in sick – what can you do?

This situation clearly does raise suspicion, however, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. When the employee returns to work, ensure that you hold a return to work interview with them to understand fully what their ailment was. Whilst you cannot turn the clock back and avoid this particular situation, you can certainly take some action to ensure that employees are deterred from doing it again. Having to face you and explain the details of their ‘illness’ – and lie through…

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Prayers required for Diego Garcia – Fellow window cleaner suffered a fall.

I had shocking news that our friend  Diego Garcia from Kansas City USA, had a terrible fall on Wednesday. He is in a critical but stable condition at the Center Point Hospital, Kansas. We appeal to our community across the ‘World’ in giving prayers of hope and love to a much liked and admired fellow window cleaner. He is currently in an induced coma in order to allow the swelling of his brain to improve and it is reported that he has sustained broken ribs and…

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UNGER Stingray receives Red Dot Design Award

Above Picture: Absolutely delighted to be presented with the Red Dot Design Award for UNGER Stingray: David Koch, Dietmar Bernstein, Kai Hirsch, Frank Wilde,  Antje Schulke, Michael Brandt, Lee Roberts (from left to right). The introduction of the UNGER Stingray has completely revolutionized window cleaning. It is the most successful product in UNGER’s corporate history. Having already been awarded numerous prizes for innovation, the cleaning tool has now also received the renowned Red Dot Design Award for outstanding product…

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Window cleaner finds competitors workbook in a pub

                                                                          When two window cleaners work on the same street in the same town it can sometimes lead to real window cleaning wars and turf claims! Not so for two window cleaners in Hull. It all started when John Greenwood, 31, and his…

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Pressure washers that carry guns to work.

There is not a lot that makes Window Cleaning Magazine do a double take, however, surfing Facebook Groups yesterday we came across a pressure washer asking fellow members of a Facebook Group that conceal carry firearms, ‘how do they avoid getting them wet from sweating?’ Now, from a pale faced Brit like me, I know that should I be caught even carrying so much as a screwdriver in the UK, a Police Officer would arrest me and the screwdriver would be…

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