WCM speaks to Perry (‘Taishan’ in China) owner of the Reach–iT MiNi

WCM: Hello Perry. What can you tell us about your WFP pole?

Perry: The Reach-iT MiNi is our Low-Reach water fed pole solution for cleaning Ground and First Floor. Amazingly, this 25’ Reach pole compacts to just 4’6”(1.45m).

WCM: How do you feel about WCM readers nominating your pole for the WCM Awards 2012?

Perry: Every week we get emails from professional window cleaners (and newbies) cleaning from 2 storey to 7 storeys, telling us how thrilled they are and how they “love their Reach-iT MiNi”. We are proud of that.

Whether you are a full-time window cleaner or an opportunist, this is the perfect lightweight carbon fibre pole.

WCM: There is something new about your poles?…….

Read the rest of this interview in the April edition of www.windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk


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