17th Annual Window Cleaning Network Picnic reported back to WCM by John Lee

The 17th Annual Window Cleaning Network Picnic is going well by all accounts. The event is being held right NOW,  Weekend of Saturday, July 27, 2013 at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Our reporter on the ground, John Lee gives us some immediate feed back on this event.

JOHN: “Hi, Im John Lee of Johnwcr.com reporting to you from the WCN Picnic in Wisconsin, USA.

Lee Burbidge, this is my first WCN picnic and I have to say it has been eventful. It started off with pouring down rain on Friday morning but stopped by noon when the Don Chute Golf Tournament began. We were able to play 18 holes with a few showers and sunshine”

LEE: “Hey John – sounds like your having fun out there. Tell us about the Don Chute Tournament. Who is Jon Chute and why is this Tournament held in his name?”

JOHN: “Don was a long time window cleaner who sold WFP and WFP systems at first for JRC, then IPC and briefly for Ionic. He died several years ago and he is remembered in this way for all that he has done to contribute to the window cleaning industry. The money that is sponsored goes to Don’s favorite charity. It is a fun game too.”

LEE: “What else is happening there, John?”

JOHN: “Saturday morning started out with Gary Mauer showing us all slides of how scratched glass can grow over a 24 hour period. Then after that everyone moved outside for the picnic with demos and games and lunch. I think there were about 60 people in attendance which is a smaller number than in years past. 

Most were from a 250 mile radius that I meet except for sponsors. I meet several new window cleaners and saw old friends.”

LEE: ” Hey John tell us why you are at the WCN Picnic today?”

JOHN: ” Well Lee I am here to represent WCR and Street Bidder.”

LEE: ” How many sponsors are there?”

JOHN: “JRC, IPC, Skyway, Ettore, Unger, RHG and Detroit Songe.”

LEE: ” John, what is the networking like?”

JOHN: ” Very good! There is lots of time to sit and talk to people I have met up with some new and old friends here at the show.”

LEE: ” Who are the old friends you have seen?”

JOHN: ” Josh Cronin and Kim Little are here.”

LEE: ” John, you say that the attendance is around 60. Why do big sponsors attend events with less than 100 people?”

JOHN: ” It has not always been this way, Lee”

LEE: ” Whats new on scratched glass. What did Gary Mauer have to say.”

JOHN: “Keep an eye out on Facebook, Lee its coming out soon.”

LEE: “What demos were trending? What got the most interest?”

JOHN: “The High Rise machine.

LEE: “What is your first impression of the Picnic and would you go back again?”

JOHN: ” This WCN Picnic is very different from the norm. Everything is more laid back and casual and mostly outdoors like a good picnic should be, Lee. Yes I would defiantly come back to this event.”

LEE: ” What food did you eat?”

JOHN: ” Picnic food mostly during Saturday, you got to try the steaks, Grilled Santa Maria steaks by Ettore. We had other meals in the resort restaurants too.”

LEE:” Ettore cooking your steaks thats awesome! Thanks for the updates John!”

JOHN: ” Hey no problem, back to you Lee!”

So there you have it – the 17th WCN picnic event full of demos and round table networking all day with the Ettore Grill, JRC Picnic tent, Unger coolers, IPC games area and seminars. Sweet!