Iqbal Abdullah, CEO of Easyklean, explains how a revolutionary new franchise is  redefning how successful and proftable  a cleaning business can be.

Worth more than £5 billion a year, the cleaning industry is one of the biggest service businesses in the UK. However, with several years’ experience working in the industry, Iqbal Abdullah grew frustrated with the lack of ambition, professionalism and customer-focus that he encountered.

As a result, in 2004 he launched Easyklean, a revolutionary cleaning company, which has earned a reputation for high-end professionalism.“I really felt that the reputation of the industry needed a polish,” Iqbal says.“Having been in the cleaning industry for many years, I quickly realised why other companies were falling short.

On the whole, the cleaning industry remains very archaic, largely ignoring the latest developments in cleaning technology and methodology. I started Easyklean with the intention of not making the  same mistakes.” So what is it that makes Easyklean stand out from the crowd?“You know the adage: There are two kinds of customers, a happy customer or someone else’s customer,” Iqbal says. “Well, before I began Easyklean, I would often hear customers wishing for one thing, that cleaning companies would just do as they say.

So, with Easyklean, we decided to do exactly that. That’s why we focus on providing our customers with the most effcient and professional cleaning service possible. We always deliver exactly what we promise without fault. Simple as that. “We have created bespoke operational methods and structures, which I believe no one else in the industry is using. As a result of our unique approach, we have very happy customers, including many major retail and restaurant chains. And because of them, we have created a very successful business, a valuable brand and an excellent reputation.”Now frmly established as one of the most respected cleaning suppliers in the UK, Easyklean is now ready to expand its revolutionary approach through a range of franchising opportunities. Iqbal says: “I wanted to share our unique approach, ideas and business model with like-minded people through franchising. Our main aim is to grow our business with happy customers. Every franchisee is an important member of the Easyklean team.

We’re always looking for talented franchisees that are eager to help us transform this industry and make a success of the business by building great relationships with customers through exceptional service. “A lot of people take a negative view of cleaning and would never consider investing in a cleaning business. Easyklean is changing that perception. In fact, it is making many people re-evaluate just how successful and proftable a cleaning franchise can be.”

What kind of person would suit an Easyklean franchise?“Men, women and people of all backgrounds are welcome and you don’t need to have any cleaning experience,” says Iqbal.  “What you do need is the desire to succeed. A lot of people are unhappy with their jobs, rarely receiving adequate fnancial reward for their efforts. Others struggle to make ends meet, no matter how hard they work. “At Easyklean we believe in working hard. However we also believe in working smarter.

By running your own business you control your destiny – the harder you work, the more you beneft. That’s why an Easyklean franchise can be such a proftable investment.”What kind of support does Easyklean offer potential investors? “Most people are reluctant to set up their own business because of the risk. Well, we take that risk away from you. To ensure you have a successful franchise, we provide the business and we do all the invoicing and credit control, so you can enjoy your life,” says Iqbal.“We even guarantee your agreed turnover and guarantee any contract we give you for 12 months. All you need to do is follow the Easyklean method.“It is important for us to have high calibre franchisees who are willing to work hard to build their business.

We offer a range of franchises, all with great margins. The entry-level franchise is called Plan One. This costs £15,000 and offers you a guaranteed annual turnover of £24,000. The other end of the spectrum is Plan 10. This costs £60,000 and offers you a guaranteed turnover of £240,000.”Easyklean currently offers franchises across the UK. They also offer special franchise schemes for ex-servicemen, graduates and the under 25s