The Aqua-dapter Mk3 is here!

Available for immediate despatch, the Aqua-dapter® Mk3

  • is lighter
  • easier to fit
  • doesn’t need a Clamp
  • comes in a choice of colour (Silver, Blue, Red, Gold)

Mk3 Aqua-dapters in 4 colours

We’ve continued to work on making the Aqua-dapter lighter, without sacrificing it’s durability and robustness.  Here’s more information about the main differences:

  • Now 180g – 35g lighter than a Mk2 with End Screw Adapter and Push Fit Straight Connector
  • The design no longer includes the Aluminium pipe, so the Aqua-dapter is faster and easier to fit… feed the hose through the pole and out of the top, push the hose into the connector, screw the No.1 section of the pole into the Aqua-dapter® – that’s it!
  • The Aqua-dapter now has an integral screw thread so it fits directly onto most poles with the need for an End Screw Adapter or Clamp – no clamp to get caught on cills (or anything else) and  fitting is easier.
  • A robust push-fit connector is now fitted  inside the body of the Aqua-dapter®; protected from any knocks or bangs when fitting or in use, so increasing durability (and no Aluminium pipe needed).
  • Available in new anodized colours: Silver, Blue, Red and Gold.

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