Amazing picture of Astronaut window cleaning in space!!!

NASA has really pushed the boundaries of space this time by having Astronaut, Neal Widcown, 38 carry out routine cleaning of  windows on the International Space Station.

The International Space Station windows include the famous large ‘picture’ window in the lab section of the station where photographs are taken of the Earth.

NASA goes on to say, ” We had looked into using water fed pole and pure water technology but in tests, the pure water just rolled off the glass into deep space’.

NASA had concerns that the pure water balls would create dirty ‘snowballs’, as they picked up cosmic dust and formed ice crystals in the freezing temperatures of space.

It was decided that a window cleaners brass squeegee and applicator would do the job with limited problems. The window cleaning space walk took only 30 minutes to complete.

Amazingly, the Astronaut was caught on camera with the Earth behind him at the time when he nearly lost his wetting strip.

Picture: Neal Widcown with a view of Earth in the background.