The PWNA 2016 Annual Convention & Trade Show: Great times!


November 17-19, 2016 – Charleston, South Carolina saw the 2016 PWNA Annual Convention and Trade Show.

Robert Hinderliter an ex Powerwashing contractor that owned a distributorship and a guy called, Joe Walters who owned an insurance company named after him founded the Power Washer of North America in 1992. Joe Walters insured a lot of Powerwashing contractors. The #1 reason why Robert and Joe started the PWNA back in ‘92 was to give the Powerwashing contractor a voice for which they succeeded in doing over the years.

Back in the day organizations catered for distributors or manufactures only such as CETA, and contractors where never allowed to attend. It was unchartered territory setting up the PWNA and it would appear that the original founders attracted some backlash for branching out in this way. Eventually once the dust settled contractors began to join.


14976020_1750364111890649_603886637_oToday they have over 320 members and they continue to grow. The PWNA has a very rich history because of their longevity and class in this organization.

Being the first of its type in the Powerwashing industry does help.

We spoke to John Tornabene a PWNA Spokesperson, “The benefits of attending the PWNA convention are plentiful. From Networking with very successful contractors, learning from some of the best teachers in the Industry, meeting some of best vendors who care about their needs and the experiences they get from these Events can be life long just like some of the friends they make”

John goes on to say, “The classes were all getting excellent ratings by each attendee who filled out a small questionnaire to rate the classes they attended. The excitement on the trade room floor was something you could just feel in the atmosphere and yes I personally will be purchasing a water fed pole from Reach-iT, one of the Vendors at the trade show.
The networking during the cocktail hour and the friendship being formed at this event is priceless! All of this makes you feel like you are in one big happy family with something very unique, which is this…. We all have a common interest which is to be successful in the world of Powerwashing.”

The PWNA Convention this year was everything it was advertised to be and then some. The convention kicked off with the announcement of who the Vendor Sponsors are followed by the PWNA Board of Directors introduction. The President John Nearon’s who’s term ended received a huge applause. John Nearon received a plaque from Babe Ruth’s granddaughter Linda Ruth Tosetti for a job well done.

Incoming president Andy Reinsel, seemingly, has large footsteps to follow but most expect him to do very well.


Above: Incoming President Andy Reinsel

A part from the classes and trade show, attendees could eat lunch at round tables with specific subjects picked by the PWNA Board of Directors. This idea was the one that was requested the most by members. I have to say, Window Cleaning Magazine is a fan of roundtable networking and this unique spin on the concept is a great idea.

The ladies were not left out too at the PWNA, as they got their very own ‘Wine & Wash’ that proved to be a big hit and it will be back next year, and I have to say judging by the pictures Window Cleaning Magazine has seen, they had a fab time.

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Below: John Tornabene