Sill brush for residential work?


A sill brush is unlike the standard dual trim brush you might of been use to previously. The bristles are set in a radius within the stock so as to allow scrubbing contact on a window sill. Why is this important I hear you ask? Well, when cleaning residential properties particularly in the UK, customers are insistent that their window sills are washed over. It stands to reason that after scrubbing the frame first, cleaning the glass second that a third stage of giving the sill a quick wash over is a must. After all its where the dirt will land or hang around. I just want to add that standard dual trims are still ok for residential work, I used them for years and so a sill brush is a preferance and here is why I justify its use.
With standard brush heads, even with an impressive bristle splay, it difficult to concentrate effectively on the sill surface.

Now everyone is different and experiences differ slightly but there is no denying that the sill brush does what it intends. I have used both standard and sill configurations and I found that with standard brush heads all I managed to do was drag my brush along the sill with the plastic stock scraping along the uPVC. It is not ideal.

For a great job, I would recommend a sill brush on UK residential properties. In the past I have found myself in the position of explaining to a customer the special properties of this type of brush. Their faces light up as you demonstrate why you choose that brush…. they love that you bothered to ‘think’ about the process of providing that great service to them. Sills are defo in the top 3 customer requests in the UK.

A sill brush is also very useful on soffit, facia, and external gutter cleaning. The radius helps ‘flick’ out debris in all of those nooks and crannies.

So how does this translate to commercial glass? Well if the commercial building is set up like residential windows there should be no problem, but on large plate glass using something like a Gardiner CLX and ultra light sill brush, your going to find the sill brush bounce off and skip during your down and up strokes… this is definitely not ideal. You can still clean the glass with the sill brush but if you want to ensure that you get to scrub every bit of that commercial glass, switch it out for a standard dual trim.

In September, I have a special guest stopping at my home, Shawn Gavin of Tucker Pole Systems. Shawn is bringing along his new hybrid brush head with nylon outer bristles and boars hair inner bristles. I think this would make an ideal commercial brush and so we anticipate a closer look at this.