Grow your Business at the Cleaning Show 2017 with free advice from industry experts


With the UK economy still struggling to rise out of recession, huge uncertainty around Brexit and growing business pressures with new legislation on minimum wage and pensions; The Cleaning Show is offering free seminar sessions from a wide range of industry experts to help you grow your business.

On Wednesday 15th March 2017 the afternoon programme will be aimed at SMEs with the aim of Growing Your Business. The presentations will start at 1.30pm with Luke Elliott and Roberta Donzelli from Amazon Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies explaining ‘How to hack the online market: Insider tips on finding growth’.

Dan Weltin, editor of US based Sanitary Maintenance magazine will also be flying in for the occasion to discuss trends within the market and how business could be about to change for many companies working within the cleaning sector.

There will also be a wealth of marketing advice from speakers Darren Hepburn from NewZapp who will explain how to harness the power of email marketing and Suzanne Howe from SHC who will focus on the power of social media. Chris Klopper from Mulberry will also be looking at the importance of PR and managing in a crisis.

Finally, the programme for the day will be completed with Anthony Wilkey and Michelle Cachucho from Best Minds who will look at how to increase revenues through proven strategies and technology, giving attendees a shortlist of actions for them to take away and apply to their businesses for immediate results.

At the time of printing over 6,000 professionals have already registered for their passes to attend the UK’s largest hygiene and cleaning event including contract cleaners, facility managers and others with cleaning and hygiene responsibility from care homes, hospitals, restaurants, leisure facilities, academic institutions, transport and major retailers.

Attendees will also be able to try out a wide range of new products, attend a wide range of other seminars including HR, Health & Safety and The Future of Facilities Management.

Registration to attend is free-of-charge -sign up now at:

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