Caught red handed! What did the window cleaner see during a site walk around with his prospect client?


Sheffield based in the North of England has gained an international reputation for Steel production and it has spewed out top bands like Def Leppard, The Arctic Monkeys and Pulp. Sheffield was also the turning point in Eddie Izzard’s career as he swapped accountancy for comedy and the city became immortalised as the backdrop for the 1997 movie The Full Monty.

So then, what happened when a window cleaning firm from Sheffield were invited to bid on a new build 9 story building in the city?


With the prospect client, they were invited to tour around the building in order to work out a costing for the on going service of window cleaning. The place still resembled a building site, but this was not unusual towards the end of any building project.

Having checked the roof area for rope access it was decided that powered access would be the way to go.

On finishing the tour the window cleaning firm and site managers made their way to a two-story car park basement. And it is here where all hell broke out!

You may associate the man who stole from the rich to give to the poor with Nottingham, but Robin of Loxley actually hails from Sheffield.

As the window cleaning firm and site managers turned a corner they witnessed the tail end of bungling burglars.

One man was franticly pulling heavy cable back into the store cupboard having already spotted the manager’s arrival whilst the other man clutched his ‘crown jewels’ having been whacked with the cable as the first man pulled it in so fast crushing his ‘brazil nuts’.

They were stealing it, spotted the group of managers then decided to pull it quick time back where they got it from.

But it was too late; they were caught red handed with a car full of the stuff!

In shock the window-cleaning firm stood back so that the site managers could deal with the theft.

Pictures were taken by the site managers as a third man appeared. At this point the original two men decided to go for a ‘cigarette’, never to be seen again whilst the third man took the full force of the law.

Turns out they where subcontractors of subcontractors.

“It’s not what you would expect to see whilst quoting on a job”, said the window cleaning firm.

I think even Robin Hood would of turned in his grave at the stupidity of these criminals.