Window cleaner finds competitors workbook in a pub







































When two window cleaners work on the same street in the same town it can sometimes lead to real window cleaning wars and turf claims! Not so for two window cleaners in Hull.

It all started when John Greenwood, 31, and his wife were drinking in the Divas Bar on the corner of Anlaby Road and Anne Street, Hull. Mr Greenwood had been cleaning windows since he was 12 years old and his wife immediately recognised the importance of an item seemingly left in the bar.

Mrs Greenwood noticed a book on a chair. When she picked it up she asked her husband if he knew whose it was. It turned out to be another window cleaner’s work book, with customer details and prices. Even more outstanding was the streets! John quickly discovered they were the same streets that he works on.

As a member of the Facebook Group, Window Cleaning UK run by Neil Humphries, Mr Greenwood put out an appeal for the owner with a picture of the workbook on his lap. His hope was that the owner would come forward so that he could return it.

It was not long before Steve Clavering, 42, the owner of the book came forward.

Mr Clavering runs Steve’s Window Cleaning Services and has been window cleaning for 25 years on and off. He was amazed that he was able to get his workbook back. When asked if he realsied he had lost it, he said “Yeah I realised yesterday once I got home, shame the cab driver wasn’t as nice in returning my wallet”.

Mr Clavering had good intentions on collecting from his customers after the day’s work, but made the mistake of popping into the bar for ‘one drink’. It was not long before the idea of ‘collecting’ turned out a less attractive proposition than enjoying quality time over a few pints with friends in the pub.

Despite the pair working in the same streets, neither Mr Clavering or Mr Greenwood have never met until the day he picked up his book. “It saved me a lot of messing and enabled me to know who owes money and who doesn’t”, said Mr Clavering, “ My memory is not that bad but with 700 customers per month it’s not easy. I have 4 books, the one that was lost was the main one”.

When we asked Mr Greenwood what Mr Clavering had said to him when he arrived to collect he said, “ He thought he would never get it back. He was so pleased, he said he would drop the ‘Mrs’ off a bottle of wine to say thank you.”

When Mr Greenwood learned that his wallet also went missing Mr Greenwood remarked, “Being honest, I’d rather lose my wallet than my book. You cant replace that information as easy as you can cash and cards.”

Asked what he thought of John Greenwood and his wife’s honesty and efforts in finding the owner and returning the book, Mr Clavering said, “ He’s a good lad and his wife is a legend.”

Picture Below: Steve Clavering working his round.


Picture Below: The bar where the workbook was lost.