Bogus window cleaner jailed for targeting pensioners
















In most of Scotland a window cleaner will require a licence in order to operate under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. If you want to find out if you area in Scotland requires a licence you can check on this website

Where as this is not completely perfect and in some cases unfair ( by some) if your business operates in areas across numerous borders, there are serious reasons why some Scottish Councils decided to enforce licensing.

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Licensing was brought in for exactly this very reason – John Foggo, 36 was jailed for jailed for two years this month for posing as a window cleaner and targeting “vulnerable and confused” pensioners in Huddersfield for money.

Foggo would knock on doors and claim he was collecting money for the window cleaning.

He was caught out when he was trying to swindle a pensioner with Alzheimer’s. Confused by him she decided to call her daughter. But then her son arrived. The son confronted Foggo and decided to try and restrain him, there was a physical confrontation. Foggo ran off only to be caught be the Police later.

Two previous pensioners in neighbouring bungalows were targeted but neither gave over any money.

Back in 2013 he (Foggo) was sentenced in 2013 for fraud offences when he visited homes claiming to repair boilers. Foggo has had previous convictions resulting from his drug misuse but it was reported that he had come clean of heroin during his last custodial sentence.

Foggo, 36 admitted one charge of fraud and asked for two to be taken into consideration.