US VS UK Window Cleaning – Episode 5 – Commercial work in Sheffield


Playtime: 15.56

Synopsis: Episode 5 –In this episode, we move to Sheffield where we meet up with a window cleaning company that has been cleaning commercial windows in the city for over 70 years. The US team get more time to try out water fed poles mixed up with a little squeegee work.

Meanwhile, the UK team are not happy with Corey as he keeps everyone waiting whilst he shops around for underpants.

General description of series: The US crew go on to meet other window cleaning companies across the UK – Must watch program, in London, Midlands and North of the UK and exchange ideas and views on the on how both cultures differ or not.

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For more historical information about Ettore, see below.

Background to this mini-series: Lee Burbidge, Editor of Window Cleaning Magazine brought together US window cleaners, Jamie Poulin of Lake Tahoe Window Cleaning and her crew, Josh and Corey together with US window cleaner Carrie Guenther AKA Window Ninja. Lee had invited them all to the UK where he had set up four companies for them to work alongside with. The journey began with rope access in Bromley London, to monster water fed poles in Central London.

Later, they would meet owner-operator Tom Coyle in Nottingham and learn the differences of pricing jobs followed by what it takes to water fed pole a big commercial job in Sheffield with Atkin & Son.

Both US and UK window cleaners discover a shared passion and experience major shocking differences between our two cultures.

Episode 6 – Squeegee & water fed pole is out Saturday 21st, April 2018 –The final episode of this series. The US team get to grips with using module water fed poles and Carrie cannot believe how quick Jay is with the squeegee.

Ettore History: Often imitated, never duplicated, Ettore Steccone’s original squeegee design has remained virtually unchanged since its inception in 1936. His secret was, and is, in the rubber. With the same secrecy and security afforded soft drink formulas, the ingredients formulation of Ettore rubber is carefully guarded. For this is the essential heart of the system, a razor-sharp square edge, supple, smooth, consistent which leaves glass perfectly clean and streak free.

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Special thanks to Craig Booth for the drone work in this series.