US Vs UK Window Cleaning, Episode 2 – Monster water fed pole in London


Playtime: 15.04

Synopsis: Carrie, Jamie, Corey, and Josh meet Mark of Race Team Window Cleaning in Central London meters away from the US Embassy. Here, the guy’s exchange their views on what is considered window cleaning quality whilst at the same time trying out a water fed pole at a monster height of 8 stories. None of them have ever used a water fed pole at this height before.

They share that experience and tell us what it feels like to work with water fed poles so high.

Background to this mini-series: Lee Burbidge, Editor of Window Cleaning Magazine brought together US window cleaners, Jamie Poulin of Lake Tahoe Window Cleaning and her crew, Josh and Corey together with US window cleaner Carrie Guenther AKA Window Ninja. Lee had invited them all to the UK where he had set up four companies for them to work alongside with. The journey began with rope access in Bromley London, to monster water fed poles in Central London.

Later, they would meet owner-operator Tom Coyle in Nottingham and learn the differences of pricing jobs followed by what it takes to water fed pole a big commercial job in Sheffield with Atkin & Son.

Both US and UK window cleaners discover a shared passion and experience major shocking differences between our two cultures.

Episode 3 – Sea creature and scrim is out Saturday 31st March 2018 – Don’t miss this episode as the US team bid on British homes in Nottingham the land of Robin Hood, and find out that Mr. Hood is not the only one ‘robbin’ in the UK. Clearly shocked the US team try to understand the UK market.

They meet Tom Coyle, Nottingham and clean windows the traditional way.

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Watch episode 1 – Rope Access hereCLICK HERE 

The first episode from a mini-series that explores how US window cleaners compare to their UK counterparts. This episode concentrates on rope access as the team meets up with Jack Sewell of Sewell Window Cleaning  (UK) on a small high rise building in Bromley, London.

It isn’t long before Jamie is disappointed and surprised at the rules of rope access in the UK as it is explained.