The Cleaning Show 2017 update: How fast do you think you can window clean?


Sponsored by Unger, the Window Cleaning Challenge is a lively and fully interactive feature at the Cleaning Show which will be held 14 – 16 March at ExCeL, London.

The existing world record holder, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, will take on all-comers who are trying to break his long-standing world speed record for cleaning three regulation-size windows. Click here to view the details of the current Guinness World record. Terry will be on hand to offer tips and advice to all competitors from experienced window cleaners to absolute novices.

Now I know some window cleaners will moan. “Its clean glass, how about racing with real life dirty windows”…. and the only thing I can say to that it is, try it. There is CASH to be won…. unless your scared and a little dirt on the glass somehow would make you faster.

Have you ever had a go and tried to stay on one of those Rodeo rides. You might have had a bet on with friends to see who could stay on the longest. It’s fun and exhilarating. But we all know its mechanical and not a real bull, right? So are you going to be the one at the end of the bar refusing to join in the fun with everybody else and complaining it’s not a real bull? Na, you going to join in….. and honestly, I know you will not resist having an attempt to beat Terry’s record.

My advice: get in early to practice, with the provided squeegee and soap before the contest, find your rhythm and smash it for CASH!

£250 cash prize awarded each day to the fastest window cleaner!

This year you don’t have to break the world record, you just need to be the fastest on the day. There will be a winner awarded for the fastest time each day and you can try multiple times, but can only claim your cash prize once (so we will have three individual winners in total). The winner for each day will be announced at the following times:

Tuesday 14 March – 16:00

Wednesday 15 March – 16:00

Thursday 16 March – 15:00

To enter, simply complete the form here