Clever Injector: Inject some ease into your soft washing


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So what are you babbling on about Lee?, I read the title and it said ‘soft washing’. Where’s the soft washing bit?!

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We have been watching a trend spreading through the UK, the latest trend being soft washing. Soft washing is an alternative to pressure washing hard surfaces, building rendering or roof tiles. It can quite easily clean up a driveway or patio (assuming no hard removal of weeds and moss). Unlike pressure washing thou, the soft wash chemical does all the work for you and window cleaners are waking up to the fact that a lot of money can be made.

Best of all, is that window cleaners have already got a captive audience for soft washing and can transfer that into hard cash very easily. They have their existing customer base, a customer base that already trusts you as a service.

What is Soft Washing? Soft washing uses chemicals or pure water with as low of a pressure as required in order to clean hard surfaces. The advantages are less potential damage, specifically on surfaces such as K Rend which could be severely damaged from pressure washing. Soft washing also allows an extended period of cleaning, because the process is effectively sanitising the area…. killing off all the organics and rendering the surface near new.

For different jobs, there are different mixes and whereas careful care with Health & Safety in writing out your risk assessments and wearing PPE, the less time exposing your employees to chemicals, the better.


Yesterday I came face to face with the Clever Injector. And no, it is not the nurse that gives you the flu jab down at the surgery. You know the one, the one that is very good at crosswords. This is Soft Wash UK’s Clever Injector designed to take all the guesswork out of mixing your softwash recipe.

Mark Cave CEO explained and demonstrated its use. Instantly I saw two benefits for those with employees. And judging by how many of these have sold so far other companies see it too.

Clever Injector is housed onto a trolley (sold separately) with its tail end dropped into a 25 L barrel of your required softwash chemical. Clever Injector can then be set at the ‘mix’ ratio for the specific job and locked. Water mains are connected and as it passes the chemical inlet, it carries this to the lance end at the right mix.

The first benefit I noticed is the reduced handling of the chemicals by employees. Picture a lab with a nutty professor, in a white overcoat, bubbling beakers full of multi coloured fluids on bunsen burners, surrounded by whispers of white smoke. No more manual mixing of your recipe by the employees. You know those labs always explode in the end.


The second benefit was no more guess work, getting the wrong mix, and causing bad issues that are liable to cost your company dearly.

Clever Injector allows you to mix without leaving you with leftover soft wash to deal with. All in all a very solid piece of equipment that allows you to reduce your exposure to chemicals, and get the right mix ratio for whatever that job may be. We will have a full write up on this in the magazine as we interview Soft Wash UK.

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