How the V11 controller allows you to work smarter


Many look to produce their own pure water either in a garage, office, or home. Very often this will require manually starting and stopping the process with the inevitable trips to ensure the system has not overfilled or worse water has stopped. Manual ball valves are one option but again it will be necessary to check the system during a fill. Worse still is where water pressure is low and suddenly producing a few 100 litres of pure water becomes like watching paint dry and begs the question “ Surely there is a better way?”

The Answer is ‘yes’ in the shape of the V11 mains booster pump control. This autonomous system needs only for you to start the filling process, or if you prefer the system can be set to an on demand filling state. No more heading out to the Garage in the rain and cold.

Spring (Europe) Ltd are an electronics manufacturer based in the UK and over time have built up a detailed and extensive knowledge of pump motors and how to manage them efficiently. Spring look to take feedback from industry professionals and feed this back into controller development. As part of this development they have produced a controller that not only will produce pure water BUT will also switch a mains 240 volt AC pump while you do something more interesting instead.

The unit requires no wiring as it is supplied with a moulded 5 amp fused plug and mains socket. All that us need is to mount the unit on a suitable surface make the plumbing connections and ‘plug in’.

The V11 is produced in the UK by Spring, a leading pump controller company, and with all the usual safety features and ease of use.

There would be no more remembering to flush the RO this system does it for you. The V11 M BPC fill and flush is supplied with a second solenoid and I/O. The RO flush operation is hard coded into the filling operation this means that the RO is always flushed and cannot be overridden.

How does it work?

One – on starting the ‘Fill’ the controller opens both solenoids, then two- Tank fill SV and three – Waste SV. The waste solenoid valve is placed in parallel with the manual RO waste valve during the 1st 5 minutes of the filling cycle pretty much all water is sent to waste in doing so flushing the RO.

After 5 minutes the unit closes the ‘waste’ solenoid and ‘fill’ continues as normal until the float switch is activated which also closes the fill solenoid. The controller automates the whole filling process and can operate as a one time operation or on demand operation.

The flush valve is mounted in parallel across the membrane waste valve (BALL VALVE). In this way the amount of water flowing to waste and the amount of water being forced through the membrane is still being controlled by your BALL VALVE during normal operation.
With the flush valve in parallel across the BALL VALVE, when the system starts an automated flush the MAGNETIC VALVE is opened and this provides a low pressure path for water to drain and hence completes the flushing action of the membrane inlet/concentrate side.

NOTE: The flush valve DOES NOT REPLACE the ball valve, but works alongside it.

The V11 M BPC is ideal for:

  • All static water production systems
  • Produce the volume you need when you need it
  • Easy to install
  • Full instructions and pre fused mains plug supplied
  • Connect it up and relax

The V11M BPC is the mains powered V11 unit, which can be used for mains booster pump control. This controller has a number great features as standard:

  • Provides simple RO system control
  • Controls your mains booster pump
  • Fills your tank automatically
  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Copes easily with demanding daily use
  • Controls water production accurately and dependably
  • Unit is sealed to IP65, stopping water ingress

The unit is available as a simple mains powered RO controller to open a filling valve and drive a mains booster pump during filling then shut down the pump and close the valve when the tank is full.

Other functionality available include:

  • TDS measurement and display
  • High TDS cutoff or alarm
  • Flowrate measurement and display
  • Water pressure measurement and display
  • Water level measurement and control
  • Available with constant level control


WCM: So clarify what this controller does for the window cleaner.

Spring: Manages your water production automatically while you do something more interesting. Start the system filling and the system will both flush the membrane and fill your tank.

WCM: Why use one?

Spring: No More checking that the tank is filling, not over filled in the middle of the night, No more trips to the garage or work base. Simply start the process and walk away. The controller will run any 110 to 240 volt AC pump rated up to 5 amps. The system will flush the membrane at the start of each fill. Booster pump is switch automatically and on tank full is switched off. The system can have a TDS probe and flow meter added. Should TDS exceed a set level the system is shut down.

 WCM: Where can I use one

Spring: Any static water production system.

WCM: Can a window cleaner have a remote controller?

Spring: In the future the unit will be compatible with radio remote control.

WCM: Where can I buy one?

Spring: The V11 HC is available from all WFP stockists in the UK, US and Europe.

WCM: How do I know when to change a membrane?

Spring: The unit can be supplied with TDS and/or a flow meter. Now all you need to do is place the TDS probe after the membrane and the rest is straight forward. The unit can also be supplied with a flow meter. This allows you to both monitor daily production and total water. The Total is resettable so simply reset after the RO change. Also, a flow meter will ensure your main pump can not run dry. If no flow is detected the pump is switched off.

 WCM: What other alternatives are there?

Spring: For those who are looking for even more features and information, check out the Liquid Logic S2 and S3.

For more information please see

For purchase contact your local WFP supplier.

Working harder is not always the answer, sometimes we need to work smarter and the V11 range is designed to allow just that.

Picture below: No more 'notes' to self or staff with the V11.