HUGE Convention 2016 update: How did it go?


The Big Convention and Trade show in Maryland USA over the 11,12 and 13th August is an annual event that does two things. It provides seminars from a range of speakers from within the Power Wash – Window Cleaning industry and speakers on business strategy, motivation, recruitment with so much more to offer.

Sole owners and companies with a number of vehicles on the road send their guys into this event in order to learn and share information. These guys leave pumped and full of ideas for taking their businesses forward.

The added trade show has the biggest names in the US market attending, such as Moerman, Ettore, Unger, Tucker Pole, J Racenstein, Softwash Systems, PowerWash, IPC Eagle, WCR to name a few. Perry Tait from Reach-iT, Willie Erken of Wagtail were also there. Many more make this show in order to speak with and sell direct to the US cleaners.

It is very impressive to see such a diverse and wide range of supply companies all in one place speaking to the guys, who want to talk, learn and buy. The only other place we have seen so many Window and Power Wash specific companies is the Glassenwasser in the Netherlands. It’s a real win-win for everyone.

Willie Erken who after a long journey was buzzing and raring to go showing both existing and new products. Willie Erken can be so innovative with his product range. He was wowing the windows cleaners as he steps into his entertaining pitch. It is something to watch. Willie did reveal he has something new up his sleeve and is working on moulds. He was not ready to bring it to the big convention or give away very much. Mr Erken’s travels will take him on to Windows 101 and a chance to pop home before he is off to the UK.

The trade floor was soon buzzing and full of sound with people eager to look and get there hands on the Tucker C45 and Reach-iT poles proving very popular draws. Perry (CEO of Reach-iT) was giving away a “BOSS” baseball cap to guys who have bought or were buying Reach-It kit. Nice Touch Perry!

Travis Brown and Mike Dientz of Tucker Pole found their CF45 and CF35 were going down a storm. Being light and strong the pole has a quite large 1st section standing about 8 feet! Great rigidity and the new euro adaptor make switching out brush heads very simple. Tuckers new metal clamps are easy to use and have a lifetime guarantee.
Tucker has also improved the brush and offers a dual trim hog’s hair. These guys were really busy. We look forward to seeing Tuckers hog’s hair hybrid brush in the UK on 9th September.

Reach-iT was also getting a lot of interest as always. Again with the pole rigidity good clamps the Mini continues to do really well. The ergonomic handles (Power & Control) take so much strain out of using the pole. 18-inch brush and Reach-iT did a roaring trade.

Moerman’s Combinator and Liquidator tool’s are easy to use although some do prefer other tools, Moerman are keen to listen to feedback and evolve the tool further. Window Cleaning Magazine will be in Belgium filming and taking pictures of the latest Moerman gear tomorrow infact.

A surprising revelation in the event was the awareness of tank delivery systems and pump controllers by our US cousins. Spring controls were on three booths from the high current H20 Pro at Racenstein, the Fill n Go from RHG and WCR were offering pump and controller combinations. The other surprise was an active self-build market.

The New WFP Link was on display, the range of this unit is something else. 300+ metres around a corner and the fob still worked at the event!

Steve Blyth of Racenstein who was at the trade show with Mike Drapper and Dwight Rowe said that they really have to be here (HUGE Convention) as their customer base show up year after year and it’s great to speak to people. Steve commented that he can get more done here in a couple of days than a week’s worth of calls.

Unger also had a Booth displaying the Stingray. With its pleasing design and innovative head that helps get up into the corners. Some guys commented that the Stingray is fantastic for maintenance cleans every 4 – 6 months but for a really hard first clean they use the Unger speed kit as the pads use less moisture. Unger as you would expect were doing great.

There were whole loads of Pressure Washing systems at the event this year carrying some of these trailers some of which bigger than a UK car. But you get all the kit you could need to tackle any job.

AC Lockyer from Softwash Solutions was doing a storm selling his Green Wash and giving guys guidance on just about any job. AC has standardised his chemical ratios and on the whole suggests 1 ounce per gallon of water will do just about any job.

IWCA guys were attending too. These guys would like to see OSHA drive stronger working at height regulations within the industry and promote safer working methods. They feel it would significantly reduces the numbers of falls which lead to serious injuries and occasionally worse.

They also say they see the UK as the leader and innovator in terms of window cleaning technique and equipment. Which is nice.

Also there were Rope Access Training, Business Marketing and web site companies and just so much stuff to have you in Hogg heaven. All we can say is, if you get a chance GO!! You get to talk cleaning and hang with a great crowd and the Family go in the pool and leisure complex.

The Buzz and draw of this Convention is obvious the guys do not see this as spending money they see it as investing in their future. That they still see the UK as the innovator makes us smile ☺

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