Why the IWCA Convention & Trade Show Is Unique


You have events and then there are events. Ask yourself this; do you want to earn more money, build a successful business, and offer your staff the best equipment and tools for the job at hand? Do you want the care and attention you deserve with product support and training? Well look no further than the 2017 IWCA Convention & Trade Show to be held in Arizona USA, February 8-11 at the We-Ko-Pa Resort Conference Center, Scottsdale.

IWCA President, Noa Pedersen puts it beautifully when he says, “Along with the best networking opportunities in the industry, there are a wide range of seminars for every aspect of window cleaning and for every member of your team. In between taking in educational sessions you will spend time with the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors as they show off all that window washing has to offer”.

I want to tell you a business secret. If you want a successful business, what do you think you need in order to achieve that? Motivational speakers? Insider tips? “I was broke once…” type speakers?

Is that all your business needs? What…? You want to know how to scale up into a multi-million-dollar business? You want to know how to close more bids? You want training?

IWCA has all of that! But here’s the secret your business needs MORE. It needs the full package and I am here to tell you that the IWCA is the only event that I can see that offers the full package.

I take nothing away from any other amazing events and training venues, you must go to them if you see value in them for your business. Most of these guys I know personally. But here’s the deal. This is why I think the IWCA event is UNIQUE.

What’s the point in learning how to make your business into a million dollar company without the support structure? Without protecting that support structure?

Picture below: IWCA 2016, Speed Race within the Trade Show floor. ( I dedicate this post to Mr Brown RIP, I will miss seeing you old friend )


Are you talking SYSTEMS, Lee? Systems do play a part but it’s not what I am driving at. Besides, you can get that anywhere too. The one thing that most events fail to deliver for their attendees is staff development and safety.

Just take a look at any event schedule. Money, money, money, growth, sales, training. That’s all good, I’m all for it but safety and staff development is hardly ever mentioned.

Sure there might be 5 minutes on it somewhere. But only as a footnote if you’re lucky in one or two classes.

As far as I can see only the IWCA actively engages with OSHA. They actively push the safety agenda because they know it’s a big key to your business success. They want to drive the safety standard, because it is so important to your business.

Not only are you and your staff working safely, your prospect clients will see you working safely too – it will win you work! I know – I have taken this approach myself with my own window cleaning company. I have won new business solely because of the safety accreditations my company has. Where I come from SAFETY comes before PROFIT.

Take a look at the IWCA schedule for the 2017 event and you will see what I mean. You will see not only a hands-on safety schedule but lots of classes on how safety can help your business too.

“It’s a no brainer dude!” I hear you saying. And you are right!

2017 will be dominated by the new OSHA ruling and the Safety Director, Stefan Bright will diligently explain all during a session titled Breakfast With Stefan Bright ( Convention Thursday 9th February, very early). I understand Stefan will also wear a Chefs hat and personally crack the eggs for your omelettes. I’m fibbing of course. He doesn’t own a Chefs hat.

Health & Safety education provides a full business package. This knowledge and experience will put your business ahead of the game. The IWCA is helping business owners understand their responsibilities for the safety of themselves, the staff that they hire and the public that they need to protect. And let’s not beat about the bush, there are safety LAWS and REGULATIONS you need to know as an employer!

When safety goes wrong all that stuff you learned about profit, profit, profit goes straight down the drain, drain, drain. Employee engagement should be a top priority and so should be safety.

Richard Branson said, ‘business is about people’. I couldn’t of said that any better myself.

I quote again the IWCA President, Noa Pederson, “On a personal note, I want to thank the IWCA leadership team, including our management company and our Safety Director, Stefan Bright. This year has brought out the best in those that want to see this association and industry become a better and safer place. I’ve never been more proud to be part of a group of individuals that has dedicated themselves and inspired each other to push our association to be better than ever”.

In my next blog on the IWCA, I am going to walk you through killer classes from the event you cannot miss!

Cut off date for online registration is 23/1/17You have 15 days from this blog date. For registration, Schedule of Events, Printable Brochure, What’s included with your registration? CLICK HERE: http://www.iwca.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=845297&group=