Corwoods Window Cleaning

I had the privilege of interviewing Paul and Victoria at Corwoods today. They have a great set-up both with the shop and the window cleaning business. Paul is one of the good guys. He’s not out to sell his products or services ‘at any cost’, if it’s not worth our purchasing it he will tell you rather than take your money. He’s an honest and straight talking chap. The hour and a half went very quickly and a return visit is likely to be arranged sometime soon.

Victoria is one of the many family members that work in the business and her knowledge on window cleaning matters is remarkable. She runs the shop which is a growing part of Corwoods, that in itself is great to hear when so many are falling by the wayside.

Interestingly Derrick Corwood was a founder of what is now the FWC (back then it was known as NFMW&GC), that was a piece of history that had passed me by.

The full interview will be in the October issue of WCM and maybe a few sound-bites will be sneaked out. Keep your eyes on this page for further reports.