Dealing with the angry window cleaner. Are you ‘on his patch’ ?!

When I filmed Window Wars USA for WCM TV in the early part of this year, it was to show the close lives of two competitors and how they worked side by side.


It was my intension to show some of the ugly side of window cleaning from a journalistic point of view too. My hope would be that window cleaners would see that part of window cleaning for what it was and learn that love, peace and respect is far more of an attractive prospect.

The actual filming of Window Wars USA was far from this and in fact the two companies in the film were great friends, at least even more so after the filming was all done. It was real hard to get them to insult each other. Well, probably not that hard lol.

Window Wars does happen from time to time in real life but I think most window cleaners have an uneventful working life. Personally, I have had one minor spat in my 15 years of window cleaning.

“We don’t like you posting leaflets on my patch!” the anonymous gritty voice caller said whilst I was in the B&Q store picking out kitchen tiles. I think I was between the Metro Smooth and the Vedras tiles at the time.

So what drives this behavior? Well I think it’s a mix of three main things, character, circumstance and opportunity.

The character of a person is defined as they grow into adulthood. They start with their original set of ‘tools’ that is largely defined by DNA from mummy and daddy.

Life experiences good or bad add to this character as they grow. A baby has very little fear or awareness of danger for example at the early stage. This is learnt. Life experiences into adulthood will help make a person either handle situations in a good way or a bad way. Our characters are still defining. We are still learning. Even now.

My character is way more developed at 44 than it was at 30. I have learned so much more things that I hope would make me a better human being to others.

Understanding why a window cleaner would get angry so quickly on ‘your patch’ is probably not your immediate concern, but might help you react in the best way possible for a peaceful outcome.

Mix up a window cleaner with anger issues brought on by life experiences with circumstance. You just happened to pick his street to leaflet that day. Then add opportunity. You leaflet on the day he is working. BANG!

So what of the angry window cleaner, what gives?. We maybe miss reading him. What if his anger was because you unknowingly threaten his family’s income? You see, he may earn just enough money to cover the bills he has to pay out for his wife and six kids.

Being angry and abusive is not an excuse, but getting behind the ‘why’ helps us understand each other better.

Sure, he can stop being angry and go out and get more customers, but maybe his life experiences do not make him confident enough to do that.

If you are the angry window cleaner and can recognize your behavior ask yourself ‘why’? Can I change that? Because deep down, I believe that you are as kind and respectful as the other window cleaner you are angry towards. You just need guidance.

If we all stopped to think ‘why’ some one reacts the way they do or the possibilities of the ‘why’ then maybe we all can avoid the explosion of personality that may come of character, circumstance and opportunity.

Peace, love and respect your fellow window cleaner 🙂