POV – Fastest window cleaner despite crushed elbow accident!


Playtime: 2.29

Synopsis: POV Window Cleaning – The IWCA Convention & Trade Show holds speed races every year. ‘Iron Giant’ Ivan Pleinadius is a seasoned 1st place winner of this competition and others around the world.

In this POV video, he competes only 6 months after a motorcycle accident that left his elbow completely crushed. He was told by doctors that he would never compete in speed racing again.

Watch what happens as POV puts you in the mind of one of the fastest window cleaners on the planet.

Join the IWCA here: http://www.iwca.org/

What is POV?

General description of series: POV stands for ‘point of view’. POV Window Cleaning has been filmed entirely with its focus on tools, and more importantly tools in action so that you can see how they perform. POV is a unique angle. We love to collect interesting footage and edit them into a theme for your entertainment.

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Ivan is sponsored by Black Diamond during his speed competitions and usually wears a Black Diamond shirt. To learn more about them please go to the Black Diamond website at http://www.blackdiamondsqueegee.com/

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