ErgoTec Ninja review from the pages of WCM

ErgoTec Ninja reviewed by Richard Lingford

So here we have the all singing, the all dancing, new Unger ‘ErgoTec Ninja’ squeegee. The piece of kit that designers call the most advanced squeegee ever designed, perfectly balanced for weight distribution on the glass and virtually un-bendable. So how does it perform on a day to day basis? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Does it warrant the higherprice tag than its competitors? And is it’s larger ‘chunkier’ design a problem?

Well these are all questions that I am hoping to answer here having been using thissqueegee for the past month on a daily basis.

Design – We all know how tempting it can be to ‘impulse’ buy the latest cleaning innovation that promises to make life better and easier than it has ever been before. I am sure also, like me, a lot of these inventions have been used for a few hours and then sat in the back of the van for the foreseeable future.

So how much design appeal does the Ninja have? Well…… quite simply put, a lot!

The black sleek design with the contours of its moulded handle cut a sharp contrast to its ErgoTec predecessors, the end clips give a sturdy look to the blade and the greys, greens and whites used in the graphics and grips give an overall asthetically pleasing look to the product.

One small criticism would be the size of the handle. It seems a lot longer than the others on the market and may take some getting used to. Also I have heard that it doesn’t fit into some hip buckets, however, I did not have this problem with my blue Pulux one.

Set up – The first thing that I did on receiving this tool, was to change the rubber to one of my choice. This can be done on the Ninja without taking the channel away from the handle; you simply unclip the end clips and slide the rubber out. This can be done far easier if the rubbers are wet as they tend to catch, however this is a very good way of changing rubbers. To release the channel you simply unhook the clip on the undercarriage of the handle.

One very helpful addition worth mentioning is the printing of two logos on the back of the channel; these are to help you align the channel and works really well.

Working – The first thing you will notice is the size of the squeegee, however, it does not feel ‘cumbersome or lumbering’ at all. It gives a reassuring sturdy feel.

You get the impression you will not be constantly tightening screws, in fact that’s a good thing since there are none to tighten

This product has been designed with comfort in mind and you will not be disappointed. The handle feels comfortable after hours of use, the grip is good, not becoming slippery and the thumb rest suits its purpose well, “yes, it has a thumb rest”

 When you have the hang of it you are able to clean windows with very little detailing and it does feel a lot more balanced than other squeegees I have used.

Despite being dropped and manhandled a lot over the past month it has not bent or fallen out of shape at all. It is virtually indestructible and more than up to working for even the heaviest handed of us.

You are able to use its swivel function on a pole to great effect as well.

Unger also produce massive channels for use on larger windows which were previously hard to come by.

Overall, here is a piece of kit that in my opinion will have you working for years to come, in great comfort. I highly recommend you put one in your bucket!

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