Is this the most expensive squeegee USED on the job!?


The Unger Ultimate is a special, high value collector’s item made especially to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Unger craftsmanship from 1964 to 2014. Only 1,964 of them were made and distributed around the world back in 2014. The product to buy would cost a whopping £120, but when you look at the detail you can see that this bad boy is a crafted work of art with only the highest quality material.

The handle is carbon fibre, the channel is manually pressed and given a heat treated coating. Even the springs and screws get the special treatment. The squeegee is topped off with Unger soft rubber. I was presented mine by Unger UK back in 2014, for my work with the Magazine and by all accounts most people display their Unger Ultimate proudly.

Not so everyone. WCM hardcore reader and fan Nicolas Phanthip, 35 of NP Acrobatique Monaco bought four Unger Ultimate’s at the cost of 140 EUROS EACH! We featured Nicolas last week in our blog whose business caters for the Millionaires and Billionaires of Monaco.

His most expensive property cleaned to date was a property worth 300 Million Euros. He cleaned this with an Unger HydroPower and poles.

Today Nicolas dropped WCM a line to explain that his high end residential properties demanded only the best, when it comes down to squeegee work. He reaches for one of his four Unger Ultimate’s. Yep thats right, Nicolas USES his Unger Ultimate servicing his wealthy clientele!

Nicolas says, “ When it comes to the top luxury customers I have, the price is really high. This job I am doing today (today’s date of blog post) I will charge the customer 200 Euros per hour and so this is why I use the expensive Unger squeegees. Like this customer, some of my customers pay for this luxury and so my tools need to reflect this.”

“This high end residential property will take me 4 hours to complete, 800 Euros is not bad for a morning’s work”