Facebook – Are you in a safe place?

Window Cleaning Magazine is the largest window cleaning Facebook Group with window cleaners using the site to help other window cleaners, swap ideas and enjoy talking to other like minded people within its community.


Social websites like Facebook have made it possible for people all over the world to connect and stay in touch easily. However,  bullying other members, bad behaviour and negativity on Facebook has become a problem.

Window Cleaning Magazine considered its responsibilities and duties to its members and decided to set up the ‘Safe Zone’ scheme 6 months ago, and what a difference it makes for the better…

The scheme is set out to offer advice to Group owners on how to deal with bad behaviour responsibly and to support the Group with consistency. New members to the scheme are vetted on past conduct and voted in to the scheme on merit. Other Group owners wanting to change and attract more members to its group would also be considered.

A Group owner that becomes part of the Safe Zone scheme will be added into a special closed group where information can be shared, advice given and assistance discussed.

Group owners organise their own affairs under the guidelines of the scheme.

This scheme makes it difficult for individuals that cause ‘big’ trouble in Groups go from one Group to another with out Group owners having them flagged up. It is a little like store networks in retail security. All stores in a city centre are connected to a radio band and share information on known shoplifters or potential strange behaviour. Sometimes you can visualise a targets route around the city as the radio gives a running commentary of movement from the other stores. You would never know its there otherwise.

The scheme is low profile and not designed to be a suppressive scheme on free speech but offers its members security from bad behaviour. Everyone knows when banter crosses the line. The scheme is designed to ensure we respect each other in a professional public domain and is backed up with an organised admin team and back up from the Safe Zone scheme.

Since starting the scheme WCM has had no big issues. Our well trained admin team have been able to pull members aside privately and talk to them about ‘heated threads’. In 99% of these circumstances the member has apologised and it has been business as usual.

When a Group is happy, the members are happy. This builds on the community and welcomes more. We can honestly say that we have the best type of window cleaning  members in our Safe Zone groups, 100%!

Window Cleaning Magazine are grateful to your visits    🙂

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