Facelift helps to decorate the UK’s tallest Christmas tree


Normally reaching the top of the Christmas tree just means grabbing a ladder or balancing on a dining room chair. Not so with the giant Christmas tree gracing Wakehurst Place in West Sussex this year.

Standing at an impressive 118 ft tall, the National Trust Properties redwood is the UK’s largest Christmas tree, so who better to call in to assist with the tricky job of reaching the top of the tree than Facelift.

Now some of you industrial cleaners, window cleaners and soft washers will be aware of the name Facelift as a leading UK provider of powered access and quality safety training.

The Facelift team used a Bronto 61 and Bronto 50 to decorate the tree with 1,800 lights and a lantern made by local school children, a task which took them almost all day to complete.

The tree, which towers high above the mansion property it was decorated in front of, was planted in the late 1890s. Its stature is so impressive that plane pilots approaching Gatwick Airport even use the tree as a beacon when landing their planes over the Christmas period.

The tree was decorated as part of Wakehurst Place’s Glow Wild festival, which will see the estate furnished with brightly coloured lanterns for people to enjoy after dark.