Featured Readers: Pinewood Cleaning Contractors, Michigan USA



Hi, my name is Henry Hawran of Pinewood Cleaning Contractors. I started my career in window cleaning in early 1985. I was a 20-year-old college student working towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering. There was just one problem: the more I studied and worked in that field the less I enjoyed it.

By chance, I came across a book by cleaning guru Don Aslet. He mentioned the proper method for cleaning windows and so I went out and bought a squeegee and cleaned the windows of my own house. I was hooked. As I jokingly tell people today, I found a way to turn Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in to a pretty darn good living.

Through mostly word of mouth, I have built up a very good base of regular residential and commercial clients. Since those early days and that very first squeegee, I have added Water fed Pole technology in addition to traditional. We use the Ettore/RHG 4 stage system and Unger Hi-Mod Carbon poles.

How did you come up with your business name?

Being a huge James Bond fan, I named my business Pinewood Cleaning Contractors after the movie studio where the Bond films are made. I am presently going into my 32nd year of window cleaning (I am 51 now) and enjoy it more than ever. My location is Kalamazoo, Michigan USA and most of the Southwest lower Michigan.

Funny moments?

My most humorous work moments involve instances of having to clean around things such as giant Halloween decorations but also instances of getting locked out while up on a rooftop somewhere!

My advice to all window cleaners?

In addition to being good at your work, be the person that a customer would be comfortable to have working in their home or business, Be neat. Be polite. Be honest. Be respectable. My favorite motto that I use in my business “A championship race horse runs his own race. He doesn’t spend all his time looking at what the other horses are doing”.

What I like about Window Cleaning Magazine?

It reminds me that I am not alone in my industry and that there are others whom I can learn from.