Featured Reader: Simon Cooper of Henley & District Window Cleaning Services


Hi my name is Simon Cooper and I started window cleaning back in 1989 when I was 19 for a man called Creon Mann who had two window cleaning businesses. After 13 years I was doing a lot of his work. Creon’s daughters joked I was the son he never had but we were the best of friends. When my wife and I found out we were expecting our first child Creon took me to one side and said its time you got serious with work. It was a life-changing moment…..he offered me his residential business and all I had to do was get a bank loan for his van and in return I paid him 3 days a week as he helped me to understand the admin side of running your own business and being self employed.


I’ve never looked back since and the business has grown from strength to strength. Good communication with customers is key and I know how to build a good rapport. I have a website and my own Facebook page and Twitter account. Keeping up to date with Social media has been a learning curve. My company is called Henley & District Property Services and I’m based just north of Reading but also work in Henley and South Oxfordshire. I have one full time employee. I took my business plan scribbled on an A4 piece of paper which went onto secure my van loan but to this day I thank Creon. He was an inspiration and still is even though he passed away 5 years ago.