Featured Reader: Nicolas Phanthip, Monaco: 300 Million Euro Apartment clean.


Hi my name is Nicolas Phanthip, I am 35 and run my window cleaning business out of Monaco and my business specializes in providing a luxury service to Millionaire customers. My business is called NP Acrobatique MONACO. I have been window cleaning for 19 years. I started my own business in France, I still live there now but I make the official move to Monaco in January 2017. France is finished and I saw Monaco as a great place to make money offering a premium service to high-end customers.

All of my customers are millionaires, this is my customer demographic. Not only do my customers ask me to clean their expensive villas, they ask me to clean their yachts too. This is like a dream come true, as I have always wanted to clean the windows on expensive boats. I am usually asked to clean the windows of these yachts twice per month. I will clean the hull too when requested with a water fed pole and chemical.

My quotes for work are verbal that is how it works in Monaco and customers like me to be as discreet as possible.

WCM: How long does it take you to clean a boat?

Cleaning the windows can take 2 hours and then another 2 for the hull with pure water and the Unger HydroPower for speed.


WCM: Most expensive property cleaned in your life so far?

I had the chance to clean a 300 Million Euro apartment, a phenomenal triplex in the Odéon tower known worldwide. It took me 2 days to do and I don’t mind telling you the bill for the customer was the equivalent price to a 2006 Porsche Cayenne.

WCM: The apartment looks like you might of needed a little rope work?

My water fed pole and my Unger HydroPower was sufficient for the heights required on this job.

I have recently taken up offices downtown and my goal is to stop working at 40. I have advanced three times faster here in Monaco than if I stayed in France!

Window Cleaning Magazine is something I really enjoy reading and the Facebook Group is full of great people with great advice, we all share the same passion. I started at the bottom of the scale, now I want to tell you and the other readers everything is possible.