Featured Reader: Andy Leett of A.T.L Window Cleaning, West Wales, UK


My journey to becoming a window cleaner.

My name is Andy Leett, and I run a window cleaning business called A.T.L Window Cleaning based in LIanon, Ceredigion, West Wales. I spent the first 26 years of my working life running a Coffee Bar, it was a family run business which we sold in 2009. Being too young to retire I had to find a new business interest and after researching many different types of business, I decided pressure washing and gutter cleaning was the way to go.

I approached Omnipole in London for advice, equipment needs etc. they were very helpful in this regard. So I bought a van, drove to London and Omnipole set me up with a full equipment package, this cost £7,500 for the equipment, a further £3,000 for the van.

I set about advertising my new business via social media, local advertising etc. NO work came in with regard to pressure washing or gutter cleaning, but people were asking for window cleaning. I had a basic DI system installed by Omnipole, so off I went cleaning windows, I learnt my trade through YouTube and lots of free window cleaning for family and friends, and this is how I started.

Within 6 months I had sold the pressure washing and gutter cleaning equipment and concentrated on building up a window cleaning round. As I write this today some 6 years later, I am happy where I am regarding my business, I have quite a full book of customers, both domestic and commercial, I earn a good wage for the area I live, I rarely work more than 30 hours per week, which is my choice.

Looking towards the future for A.L.T, I have developed an interest in soft washing which I intend to pursue over the winter months with training and the purchase of a suitable system. I already have a customer base in which to try and sell this service.