Flocked Xtreme Sill brush soon to be released


Once upon a time, Gardiner Pole Systems produced a flocked Xtreme water fed brush. Sadly, this was discontinued after testing revealed a preference for the bristles to be shorter.

At the time, the factory machines would not allow the bristles to have the proverbial haircut that it needed and so to the disappointment of many hardcore Gardiner fans who loved the flocked brush watched helplessly as the line was discontinued and disappeared altogether from the online Gardiner store.

The Xtreme range of brushes are very popular with window cleaners finished off as a dual trim that currently come’s in medium & natural hybrid bristles or stiff bristles. However, the choice of bristle is set to increase with further options.

Note: If using heated water up to 75 degrees go for the stiff bristles since the medium/natural hybrid can only stand temperatures up to 30 degrees!

The Xtreme is favoured by window cleaners that are looking at weight savings, and comes in at a poultry weight of 95g – that should be light enough to help in those long summer days, right?

Rumours had been bounded around recently of an Xtreme flocked sill brush in the works. Window Cleaning Magazine can today defiantly say The Xtreme Sill brush will indeed soon be released! We asked Alex Gardiner CEO of Gardiner Pole Systems when Gardiner fans could expect to get their hands on the new range?

WCM: When can we expect to see the new brush range out?

AG: How long is a piece of string or how quickly can the engineer finish his other project to make the final tweak to the tooling? I am hoping within the next 5 weeks to have these on the shelf.


WCM: So why stop producing them in the first place?

AG: My decision to stop producing these at the time were mainly based on my own use as this was my most used brush in my own work. I decided that they were too ‘mop-like’ inaction which affected efficiency and longevity. Of course several of our clients disagreed and loved the brush, but my decision was final!


WCM: Do we expect more DuPont bristles in this range? 

AG: We hope to have 4 different bristle types – Standard, Flocked, Stiff, DuPont and we will also be introducing an industry first bristle material on these brushes.


WCM: How beneficial is the Xtreme range to the user?

AG: The weight factor is most prominent in this range but not very hard-wearing compared to our other brushes – however in the hands of the right user they last just as long as other brushes.

The Xtreme is best suited for when a very light brush is needed. This could be due to height or perhaps an operator with a compromised body.


WCM: It is difficult to cater to every need of every window cleaner. There is a compromise in the Xtreme brushes. Weight vs. longevity? 

AG: Absolutely it is very difficult for one brush to suit everyone – this is why with the introduction of these brushes we will have about 35 different brushes available, we believe that this is the world’s most comprehensive range of water fed pole specific brushes. The Xtreme range does suit those who rank lightweight above everything else.


Alex Gardiner told Window Cleaning Magazine that if the new Xtreme sill range featuring a fully flocked version, using shorter, better-flocked bristles is received well than die-hard Gardiner fans can expect to see a return of the standard flocked brush.


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