Pure Freedom reveals new product: Reel Master


With more and more window cleaners demanding electric reels for use with van mounted systems, last week Pure Freedom revealed the new Reel Master.

As we write this blog we understand it may not yet be up on the Pure Freedom website, it’s that new on the market! Please contact them on 0333 123 4365 or keep your eye on the website here: http://purefreedom.co.uk/

So what are the features?

Reel Master has a slick professional design. All mechanical works are housed within a perfectly finished exterior. Roll bars tactically situated across the reel and as a hose guide directly in front of the reel avoids the hose pipe reeling off and jamming the system when in operation. The mechanics include self-aligning bearings and the whole thing runs from a 12 volt battery.

From the reel siding a quality high pressure rotary joint has been fitted that can exceed hot temperatures far in excess of what you might use in hot water window cleaning offering longevity on what is essentially a serviceable part.

The hose guide in front of the reel is adjustable with side rollers allowing a smooth reel out or in at sharp angles. I bet sometimes you wish every brick wall corner, wheelie bin or car tyre could have a side roller bar!

The Reel Master is supported by a controller where you can vary the speed. It also has a stall protection feature that prevents damage to the motor, internal reel chain or to the user. So, if the hose is trapped around a bush or you simply hold the hose on a reel out/in, the hose will stop. With a 500 RPM capacity you will be glad of ‘stall protection’.

Watch the film on this product below: