Gardiner Pole Systems pulls out of US distributors and makes exclusive deal with RHG

Gardiner Pole Systems have pulled out of its distributors in the US in order to reconsider its position in the US market. This has lead to a new exclusive deal with RHG, USA.

Gardiner Pole Systems produces the worlds best selling water fed poles.

Amongst heavy criticism by the US distribution market for its move, WCM asked Alex Gardiner to comment on the recent changes.

“Gardiner Pole Systems believe that their new single US-based retailer will be the best arrangement to offer our full range of products at a fair price to the US window cleaner using a very simple business model. Despite the furore that this recent change seems to have caused, notably from one of our manufacturing competitors and their own sole-distributing retailer, it is a simple business decision and one taken with the end client firmly in mind.

The quantity of business carried out in the US is not of primary concern here and Gardiner Pole Systems will make no more money from this arrangement than they did from the last arrangement. The lack of business carried out last year in the US did show us very clearly that none of the previous distributors who sold our products would lose much at all in the way of revenue from this change.

With this in my mind this simple decision was taken and we shall see how the end user takes to it. Gardiner Pole Systems and Reach Higher Ground have always provided the full customer service package for all of our US clients over the last few years so this level of service will only improve as we will be in more direct contact with each and every client who purchases from us. Gardiner Pole Systems have invested heavily in this new retail arrangement with the hope that US window cleaners will appreciate the unique range of products that Gardiner Pole Systems currently offer and future products that we have planned for release throughout 2013.”