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You simply cannot make this story up. Richard Hyde a residential window cleaner from Kettering who cleans a ton of properties in the area discovered how numerous window cleaners really are at his geographical location.

As he arrived at a customers house today he was joined by a further two separate window cleaning vans. Richard and his helper Dave could not believe it and sent his picture into Window Cleaning Magazine with the comment. “You got to laugh, three different window cleaning companies on the same streets at the same time.”

“A window cleaner was just ahead of us as we pulled up to our customer,” said Richard, “ I was just mentioning this to Dave as the third window cleaning van pulled up’. Asked if he thought there were too many window cleaners in Kettering, Richard stated that there was.

He also said that with his current workload he would be unable to cater for the proposed 10,000 new builds promised for the area as housing developments grow.

We then asked Richard how much work did he complete with Dave compared to the other two companies ( for fun). He laughed and said, “Put it this way we are super fast and super-efficient. We got three houses done in the space it took the other two vans to do one house. One of the vans had two window cleaners and the other van hand one window cleaner.”

“I was surprised that they were reeling out and in their hoses. I have electric Power Ups, and for me to go back to hand reeling would be like going back to the Stone Age”. Richard also commented on the fibreglass poles he noticed.

When asked if he had seen the increased competition reflect in the local pricing he said he had a little. “I do not want to be a busy fool”, said Richard, “ I had one detached house that had windows on all four sides. I charged them £15.00 per clean – they moved to a cheaper price of £13.00.

I am not interested in those that look to save a pound or two as there is always going to be someone out there that can do it cheaper than you”.

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