Getting the plumbing right by Wagga

When I first went Water Fed Pole, everything seemed awkward and tedious. Not only this, the whole system leaked like a sieve.

Then someone gave me a tip which at first, I did not take too seriously. On one of the forums, a lad suggested using fishing line and super glue to secure most if not all the pipe connections. If you are not sure about which connections to use this on, just give it a try and see how it goes.

Remember, the higher the PSI (pounds per square inch) your system runs on, the greater stress on the connections.

If you have a tap on your pole, then all the joints after this is a good place to test this tip out with. All the connections on my system however, have been done this way but it is a 65psi trolley system.

Since I had been having a lot of problems in this department, I thought I would give it a go. I removed all the jubilee clips with all their sharp edges and extra weight, and one by one did all my connections in this way. Be careful with the super glue though. It would look hilarious turning up in casualty with a water fed system glued on.

The type of fishing line to use won’t really matter too much as long as it is not too thick a grade. If it’s too light a breaking strain on the other hand, it will snap too easily when you are winding it on.

Instead of super glue however, I found that if you use insulation tape over the fishing line to stop it unravelling, it’s easier and safer to apply and does just as good a job.

Start with some hot water, dip in the ends to be connected and push them on snugly. Take your fishing line and lash the connection fairly tightly. You will notice how it pushes the pipe into the barbs on the connection perfectly, unlike a jubilee clip which just sits on top. After doing this, take your tape and wrap it round a few times as tightly as you can without snapping it.

It’s a neat solution to a common problem and since I’ve been using this method I have had much more reliability and virtually no leaks at all. The only leaks I get now is from the mechanical snap connectors when they wear out.

All in all, it was a great tip that I can recommend to anyone especially now that winter is approaching! Job done!

If you want to see it on video then just click here: