NEW – GrippaReel with option features not seen before on an auto reel.


Automatic reels are fast becoming the rage with GrippaTank becoming the latest to release an electric reel. Revealed for the first time today, we asked Oliver Stanton of GrippaTank why they have took this direction?

Oliver, “Based on research, an extensive customer wish list and a wealth of experience, the GrippaReel has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the GrippaMax cleaning system. Available as both portable and static versions, the reels are packed with features”.

This is probably the first time an automatic reel has been sold as also having a ‘portable’ use. A smart move opening up GrippaTank to a wider market of buyers.

GrippaReel Hose Reel – Portable:

The GrippaReel is actually a fixed floor mounted reel. The exciting thing is the option of easily removing the reel without tools within seconds.

It comes as stackable as standard so there are no additional brackets or racking parts required. GrippaTank are calling it Stakareel, a revolutionary technology that will be sold as standard allowing the reels to simply slot into place, giving you much needed space on demand.

The GrippaReel is made up of high-quality steel and polyethylene making it not only super strong and durable but lightweight and easy to handle. This tidy looking reel will be available in either hand cranked, geared hand crank allowing you to reel in hose like Superman or electric versions. The GH-VS1 range can be used for low pressure (up to 300 psi) with ½” 50 metre hose and 100 metres 8mm or 6mm.

This reel has a chainless motor that has been specifically concealed as part of its core product design making the reel safer, more effective and efficient to use. With the option of a remote control or wired control system with easily serviceable parts, the GrippaReel can be upgraded to include roller guides.

So you just want a simple hand reel to begin with? No problem, the reel can be upgraded to electric at a later date.

For those of you hungry for stats with a tape measure in hand and already poised at the rear of your work vehicle, the Hand and Gear Hand Cranked is 562mm (w) x 430mm (h). The electric is 360mm (w) x 430mm (d) x 450mm (h).

Hose Reel structure, gearing and motors come with 2 years warranty. For more information contact GrippaTank here.