Ionic sign 10 year deal with Boeing


Ionic Systems Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive 10 year supply agreement with Aviall (a Boeing company) for pure water cleaning solutions for airside and aviation applications. Aviall is a leading provider of aircraft parts, supplies, chemicals, tools and materials. Aviall offers more than 2 million lines, and the inclusion of Ionic’s pure water chemical-free cleaning range promotes Aviall’s commitment toward environmentally friendly solutions.

“Aviall is pleased to add Ionic Systems to our product portfolio as we continue to build and expand upon our growing capabilities in the aerospace industry,” said Aviall President and CEO Eric Strafel. “We look forward to working closely with Ionic Systems to better connect the aerospace supply-chain in delivering its high-quality cleaning solutions to the marketplace.”

Aviall operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, supporting both commercial and defence business units within Boeing. Aviall is a leading solutions provider of aftermarket supply-chain management services for the aerospace and defence industries.

Aviall, which has it’s headquarters in Dallas, is the world’s largest provider of new aviation parts and related aftermarket services. The company markets and distributes products for more than 250 manufactures and offers approximately 2 million catalogue items from 40 customer service centres in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Aviall also provides maintenance for aviation batteries, wheels, and brakes, as well as hose assembly, kitting and paint-mixing services. The company offers a complete set of supply-chain and logistics services, including order processing, stocking and fulfillment, automated inventory management and reverse logistics to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and customers.

“A number of Ionic’s senior staff, including myself and the head of Ionic Systems Australia have backgrounds in aviation,” said Craig Mawlam, Ionic’s Chairman. Window & façade cleaning at airports is complicated by many factors especially on the airside. Aviall is the perfect partner for the introduction of the Reach & Wash system for quick, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning far beyond obvious structures.

Further applications include rapid spot cleaning and inspection of bird strikes, turn around canopy and leading-edge cleaning as well as entire surface cleaning, and de-icer delivery. Whilst more specialist pure water cleaning applications such as jet turbine cleaning will be explored.

Craig Mawlam says “Partnering with a Boeing company (Aviall) offers a great springboard opportunity for Ionic as we continue to roll out our diversification and growth plans. There has never been a better time to introduce chemical-free pure water cleaning solutions to the world. We are currently seeking collaboration in the area of hard floor cleaning and would be pleased to receive invitations from interested parties”.

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