Ionics to officially release a new system, the ZeRO PPB that produces pure water at 0 parts per billion!

Pure water………. but 1000 times purer!

There is a reason why I have a set of ladders on my van. It is because, of course, we still do some ladder work on residential.

Strange that when you consider I have van mounted systems that can deliver hot as well as cold pure water.

Not forgetting the trolley system and the spare 25 litre barrels I carry for it.

So why do I have the need to do an entire house on ladders when I have all this kit?

Firstly, my ladder is just another tool in my window cleaner’s toolbox.

When you speak in the forums it is clearly divided by the window cleaner who chooses the WFP and those that choose ladders. And they use WFP or ladders exclusively.

I don’t agree with that. I say, use whatever means to do the job which gets the job done right and that safety must be your priority whether on ladders or not.

Again we come back to that question:

So why do I have the need to do an entire house on ladders when I have all this kit?

The reason is simple. Even though we use WFP’s, we are winning work from other WFP operators and then told by theses customers not to use this process!

They want the traditional way!

Why is this? You could say, ‘ I will walk away from jobs like that’. But I do not think that is the answer.

The reason the customer sometimes demands this, is because the last WFP window cleaner left spotting on the glass.

Spotting comes in varied degrees, some of which is hardly noticeable and you ‘get away’ with it.

The truth is – if your water has not been checked, flushed or cartridge changed at the right time. Or you don’t rinse off as well as you should, or your rinsing a lot but the dirt keeps bleeding out of that dirty vent, your water quality will be poor and so will be the cleaning quality.

Some window cleaners boast they can clean windows with water that runs a TDS reading of 008 and above!

You might be safe for a while if the glass you are cleaning is ‘friendly’ (hydrophilic glass), or you clean it on a more frequent schedule. You’re lucky.

Fact is, for pure water to work properly with no spotting it needs to have a TDS of 000.

It’s so easy to get complacent and let the TDS reading rise. You are never around to see a customers windows dry. So how do you know for sure your doing the right job?

Getting back to that customer I mentioned earlier, the one demanding that they have their windows cleaned traditionally because of previous poor WFP work.

This customer is now difficult to turn around. It is possible to switch them later but it will take time.

This brings me around to Ionics.

Ionic Systems will be launching their new ZeRO PPB System.

This system is not officially launched, but it was exhibited at the ISSA Interclean show in Amsterdam (8-11 May 2012)

The tech coming out of the Ionics camp is awesome at the minute. This new van mounted system promises spot free results even on first cleans, using less water (rinsing time, so you will get more work done too) and has lower running costs.

What makes this system so awesome?

The answer is simple and the give away is in its name.

You see this new system produces water at 0 parts per BILLION!!

Yeah…….  Billion!

Think about it, what does 0 parts per billion mean? It means fewer impurities in the water, which in turn means more dissolving capacity of the water.

Imagine a first clean with no spotting. Imagine any clean with no spotting. Then imagine no window cleaners on ladders.

Of course let us not forget that your skill as a window cleaner using the WFP is a factor and also the amount of dirt and debris you need to clean. More dissolving capacity in the water is claimed to assist with the perfect result.

The tech idea and science around this system has my vote and I can’t wait to trial one.

Hopefully this may be an answer towards less disappointed residential customers ( who knows) that in turn will mean less window cleaners having to take to ladders or jobs lost?

Thanks for reading my thoughts – shot from the hip!

I will of course update you on information as it streams in.