POV: The Legend Squeegee Channel


Playtime: 5.10

Synopsis: POV Window Cleaning – The Legend Channel in action once again on WCM TV. We have looked at the Legend channel before. To watch those videos follow the links below. As we explained in the video so much footage goes to waste that never ever gets to make the edit in some WCM TV films ( a lot of good go pro stuff too), not because its bad but because we have sooooo much good stuff – we cannot fit it all in!!

So we gathered all the POV go pro angles and whacked them into another film for your enjoyment. To learn more about these products please go to the Black Diamond website at http://www.blackdiamondsqueegee.com/

Other videos on the Legend Squeegee channel: 

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The Legend squeegee in ACTION!

General description of series: POV stands for ‘point of view’. POV Window Cleaning has been filmed entirely with its focus on tools, and more importantly tools in action so that you can see how they perform.

I WANT TO FEATURE IN A FUTURE POV: Cool beans! Drop a line to lee@highshineltd.co.uk