WFP Link phone App. So what does the App give you?


Part of what makes up the new WFP Link is the Phone App. It should be pointed out that the Link can be used just with the radio remote fob as this is the key to the whole thing.

So what does the App give you and why would someone consider it.

The App will give you:

  • Access to a larger LCD display that many people use every day
  • The Ability to display meaningful information
  • Displays all the V11 user codes
  • Provides flexibility to the user by allowing the fob to be set to individual preference
  • One button auto calibration, tank fill or whatever your preference
  • Hyperlink to your distributor’s website

The Smartphone is as common as rain these days almost every one of us are using one to manage their business, stay in touch with customers, staff and suppliers. Using this ready made large touch screen makes perfect sense for working with a Controller.

We all use Apps without any thought. What this tech does is carry all the common function and features from the V11 range and uses the Smartphone Screen to deliver and manage that information. The app will display all the common codes seen on the controller range.

Spring the brainchild of the WFP Link goes on to say, “It was very important to build in as much flexibility as possible we know from experience that people like the fobs and some want flexibility. The factory default for the fob will be increase/decrease water flow, start/stop the pump and switching between a rinse and wash flow rate”.

Within the App ( as in the Booth Talk video for WCM TV ( see link below) where Oliver Stanton of GrippaTank demonstrates, the user can select how much the water flow is increased. It can be set in steps of 10. However, if you want 1, 5, 20 the app allows you to select your preference. For those that want to be able to start a tank fill or switch on a heater, no problem, you can simply select this via the app and save. The App automatically updates the fob next time it communicates.

The App also helps monitor water temperature, battery voltage and TDS levels. In the future this App will be looking at displaying water flow rates by connecting a flow meter, or display pressure at the the RO membrane.

Watch the demonstration video here


In the Booth Talk film featuring GrippaTank, it mentions ordering resin from the App. Yes you can – all you do is tap the hyperlink symbol and off you go to your distributors website, and you have placed your order via the App. One less job to worry about.

In short, Spring have taken the successful development of their controller range and added in loads of flexibility, useful meaningful data, and massively expanded the range of the radio remote, plus you can set it up how you want to work. Spring hopes this will be a win win.

The full indepth article on WFP Link, fob and App is covered in May/June issue of Window Cleaning Magazine.