More and more window cleaners are turning to blue…

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“I have used other towels in the past and there is no comparison. These blue towels are amazing!  I have had 3 to begin with, now I have put in another order for 15! They are highly absorbent, do not leave any lint on the glass and have saved me 1 to 2 hours per job.  Thanks for telling me about them Lee.  I can’t thank you enough!”

Chad, Louisiana, USA

What are they? Blue glass cloths will replace your window cleaning scrim. You will never go back to scrim!

They are super absorbent, you can wash them in your washing machine without the worry of leaving bits on clothing for the next wash or bits clogging up your washing machine filter!

Also, you can tumble dry instead of drip-drying like what you might have do for scrim in order to avoid over softening and static. This means you can wash a heap of blue cloths and have them dry way before you go bed ready for the next day!!

Watch this video for the demo :

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