My window cleaning quote was PANTS!

So, I’m on the 4th or 5th domestic house of the morning. I get to thinking…….. ( I have some of my best ideas whilst window cleaning or running) I remeber a competitor who supplied window cleaning services to a national cleaning company ( well they are actually regional franchises) any way……… thought of a lead around the subject, so I thought I would call Paul, my new sales guy and give him my lead idea.

The time is 10.10am. Paul picks up the phone, we chat about the lead idea, he decides to make some enquiries. Just before we end the call he tells me, ” You havnt forgot the appointment I made you for the local County Cricket Club have you?”
Bugger! I had, I must of missed it off the google calender we interact with. Oh! and the appointment is 10.30am.
“Paul, do you think you can change the appointment??”………………… “please…… cus its going to be too tight for me”
“Sorry, no can do”. Paul then tells me it took so long to get the appointment in order to do them a quote, that it would be a major hassle to get it again. Besides, he then tells me this guy is strict and down the middle, eye for detail, a stickler!!

“Crap! I have to go!!” So I appologise to my customer and finish really quickly.

Paul makes the appointments for me and I go and quote the jobs. But because I am wearing my work gear with scrim lintels all over my black window cleaning uniform and mud on my trousers, I dont look decent enough to see prospects. I would have to go home and change into my cargo trousers and a clean company top.
It has been pretty normal for me to change this way, since the appointments can be made during my working day. Normally I have planned it in. I had two yesterday but I planned to work in the morning then do the two appointments late in the afternoon before home time.

So I rush home, quickly locate the clothes and dress, shoot out the house and off to the appointment in lightening speed!

Would you adam and eve it, every traffic light was on red. And I am not joking, as I came round to the main road the appointment was on, a lorry was unloading and blocking the narrow road way!! I can not reverse because there is now more traffic behind me.

So, I rang ahead, gave some excuse (well there was a lorry blocking my way), I get pass the lorry, into the car park.

The appointment was a famous cricket ground.  I start walking around the famous cricket grounds to reception.

The prospect contact comes out and shakes my hand, it is only at this point that I felt something move down my leg!!!

We move out of reception and on to the grounds again as my contact points out buildings and tells me about their regularity of cleaning.

Bugger, this thing in my trouser leg is moving down my inside leg! Then to my horror I come to the conclusion that it must be a pair of my pants. In my rush to change in and out of these cargo trousers, I must of left my pants in the trousers when I stripped off for the shower at the end of the day!

This guy has an eye for detail and all the things Paul said, an important guy at the cricket club and I was about to show him my pants that were going to appear, displayed in all their glory on the top of my boots!!!!!

I thought quickly, pointed over at the pratice match and as soon as the guy looked away I grabbed the offending item. It seemed to take forever. Even getting the item into my pocket, I missed the pocket a little and so I gave a little stuggle and managed to get it in as he turned round.

He gave me a funny look. When I think about it, he must of turned and just caught the trailing end of what would of looked like me having some form of a fit then suddenly stand bolt straight like a naughty boy. He never said anything mind and so we carried on walking around talking about his window cleaning needs.

In the end, I discovered it was a sock. No less embarrassing thou if it was to be revealed to my prospect.

Whats your funny true life story?…………….