Near death shock for Erwin and his water fed pole!

Up to 450 Volts of electricity! ( See pic below of the house and location it all happened at)

Erwin Sørensen just has to be the luckiest or unluckiest window cleaner alive. Working yesterday, Erwin touched an overhead power line with his water fed pole and lived to tell his story.

Erwin has been cleaning windows for 25 years in his hometown of Odense, Denmark.  He started window cleaning as a 17 year old for a local company.  He then dropped out of window cleaning for a few years where he tried other things.

As a bored factory worker he decided to start up his own window cleaning business. and so he carried on with both the factory job and his own business for about a year before he had enough customers to cover his and his family’s needs.

Erwin has cleaned windows since and believes that this will be his last job before he pulls his pension. That thought was rocked yesterday when Erwin took a shock from an overhead power line!

WCM got reports of the incident within half an hour of it happening. We spoke to Erwin to find out what exactly happened?

Read the full interview in January 2014 issue of WCM ( only 5 weeks away)

Erwin reveals how he felt that his Sealskinz gloves and the Pole-Skin on his Reach-iT  SAVED HIS LIFE!

What does Lee Burbidge think? What does the pole manufacturer have to say?

Lee Burbidge gives his thoughts in the article and WCM interviews Perry Tait of Reach-iT on the why’s, the how’s and when’s.

We are thankful that Erwin has survived his ordeal and that he wants to share his experiences so that other window cleaners can benefit.