I nearly missed this DEMO!


Playtime: 12.31

Synopsis: When window cleaning meets soft washing, is when the big boys join forces on projects. Check out this Ionic Systems module, the only one currently out working in the UK ( at time of filming) fit neatly into the flatbed truck of a fully loaded Softwash Systems set up.

Softwash Systems were holding ‘roadshow’ style demos last week in varied locations across the UK. The star host was soft washing grand master AC Lockyer, founder of Softwash Systems. I know AC very well and his UK counterpart Darren Smith of Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems Ltd. …and I cannot believe I nearly missed it – and it was FREE !!!

To learn more about future UK roadshows contact: https://softwash-systems.com/

Are you from the USA? Learn more about Softwash Systems here: https://www.softwashsystems.com/

Want to learn more about pure water window cleaning from Ionics? Visit here: http://www.ionicsystems.com/uk/