New and revealed the Wash-iT Pro by Futureofcleaning

Furureofcleaning have revealed their latest product the Wash-iT Pro – 3 flow. The Wash-iT Pro is a pure water on demand system that offers the benefits of changing between RO only, DI only or run both DI and RO together.

It has been years in the planning and we think Futureofcleaning have come up with a neat revolutionary pure water system designed to produce water with out the use of the pump. Futureofcleanings philosophy around the system is to keep things simple.

The beauty about the system is that you are not tied to any one supplier for DI refills and RO membrane.

This system had been put to use for many months on ‘real window cleaning work’, and the Wash-iT Pro has turned out to be a real success in the field.

The strap lines: RO for LOW and DI for HIGH is a great idea to help you remember which way round you should operate the system.

The 3 – flow design is unique: if for any reason you have low water pressure (working high or low source pressure), change the system from RO to DI only.

As soon as you have water pressure again, switch back to RO-DI. You can even choose RO only – it can save you money. The Wash-iT Pro will be available for shipping from 1st February 2013.

The Window Cleaning Magazine will interview Futureofcleaning in the next issue and we will bring you all the pics, stats and users review.

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