North Of The UK Gets Spotless


Spotless Water outlets have been popping up slowly across the South of England. If you don’t know what Spotless Water is by now, I would have to ask where have you been for the past couple of years?

Briefly tho, for those that are unaware of how it all works let me just go over the concept real quick for you. Filling stations are placed around the country. At the filling stations, you can pay and decant as much or as little ultrapure water as required for your window cleaning business. You will need to open up an account with Spotless Water and you can access a map of filling sites as well as other information on their website. The filling stations work with a fob, and the functioning panel resembles something like a bank ATM. You can pay by card at the terminal or on your account whenever you fill from the pump just as you would with fuel for your car.

Spotless plan 450 sites in the UK and Europe over a four year period. With over 30 locations already in use, Spotless Water says that the quickest way to get a filling station in your area is to sign up for an account. “We are locating stations in areas we have the most number of customers set up with an account, this is a logical way of rolling out the network”, Tim Morris, Founder of Spotless Water told Window Cleaning Magazine yesterday. “Rollout is taking slightly longer than planned due to us looking for cleaning shop partnership deals which work really well compared to a standard self-storage site. Despite this we are still on track to install 5 stations a month for 2019”.

Tim Morris spoke to Window Cleaning Magazine back in 2018 ( Issue 23) in an extensive interview. He revealed an ambitious plan of having a filling station in reaching distance of most window cleaners, however, the rollout was mainly confined to the South of the UK at the beginning.

That has all changed now with the North benefiting from sites such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds. Last week it was announced that the North would be getting another filling station 171 miles from the northern city of Manchester in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

“We are really pleased about Newcastle, the next step is Glasgow to get us into Scotland!”, said Tim Morris, “And we have Leeds, Gloucester, Cardiff going live by the end of the month as our next three stations”.

In summary:

So how can window cleaners make sure they get a filling station in their area? We asked Tim Morris and he said the more window cleaners that can sign up the better, in any one area as the priority is on demand. By signing up (for free) in your area window cleaners will not only show the demand for the area they will also be kept up to date as and when new stations go live. They will have everything they need to start using the stations including £20 free credit on their key fob.

For more information go to their website by clicking on this link –